Wendy Williams Spotted In Public – Mental Health Declining


Wendy Williams is not doing so great these days. The talk show host was seen barefoot in a Versace robe in the lobby of her Manhattan apartment Thursday.

Since her divorce and the public humiliation of her husband’s affair, seemingly Williams’ health began to decline. Shortly after the embarrassment of her publicized failed marriage, she admitted to being addicted to cocaine and checking herself into rehab. Since then, it’s been a plethora of various incidents regarding Williams’ health, moreso her mental health. However inside sources say Williams main issue is that her alcoholism was not properly treated. Claims swirl that her addiction got worse after her rehab stay.

Wendy Williams showed up barefoot in a robe speaking animatedly to concierge

Tenants were baffled that Williams was at the concierge desk frolicking around in her robe like it was a normalcy.

Wendy Williams Uses Upcoming Biopic To Slander Ex- Husband’s Mistress

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Wendy Williams: The Movie and the sequel, What A Mess’ documentary is due to air this weekend on Lifetime Saturday, January 30.

On Tuesday on the Wendy Williams Show, she played a clip from the movie where she calls out her ex-husband Kevin Hunter and names dropped his alleged mistress Sharina Hudson and their 2-year-old daughter, Journey.

” I can’t believe how fearless I am” Williams said on Good Morning America.

” And I can’t believe how many people have been drawn into my situation over the twelve years that I’ve been here entertaining you on television. Welcome to Hot Topics Sharing Hudson. Getting out of my car with my money. Good morning, Journey. I think she’ll be there next month, don’t ya know?”

But in the midst of promoting the project, Williams admits to having a one stand with Method Man. She claimed things got steamy after smoking some weed together, during an interview with DJ Suss One.

” I smoked a blunt with Method Man while I have him a bath and it was a one night stand”, Wendy and exclaimed. ” He’ll deny it…maybe not”. She told Suss One that she invited Meth over a fight broke out in the club one night. And when asked if they went all they way, she adamantly answers,”Yes!”.

Wendy Williams Says She Is Truly Broke:’I Have No Money’


We were all happy to see Wendy Williams just a week ago stepping out for the Oscars; seemingly enjoying her new found health. However things may not be what is seems. Recently, she lost her show temporarily, while Sherri Shephard and Nick Cannon helped out with hosting for a while. Regardless, Wendy was still ‘on the bench’ and had tabled her daytime tv show. During that time, Williams filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo citing they would not give her access to her account.

Unbelievably, the bank said they’d frozen her account as she “appeared” to not be in good mental health, citing they felt she needed a conservator. Since then, the talk show host maintains that her finances are definitely in trouble.

In a recent Instagram interview with rapper Fat Joe and one of the questions was about Wendy’s coin. She stated “No. Somebody stopped giving me my money,” Williams said. Adding that, ‘she only has two dollars to her name.”Somebody stopped giving me my American Express…I have no money.”

When asked how she pay her bills, she answered, “Well, I know some people who give me money for things”, she said. “For essential things like, I want to go out to a restaurant or I want to come over to your place, you know, or I want to go over to, whoever…you know what I’m saying? Madonna, if want Madonna to come over here. If I want anybody, you know what I’m saying?”

Wendy Williams Maintains It’s Unfair Treatment That She Doesn’t Have Her Money

“My thing is that I’ve been asking questions about my money and when I begin asking questions about my money, suddenly [financial advisor] Lori Schiller has got no response regarding my money.”

“I want my money. This is not fair. Wells Fargo has no questions and answers regarding my money. This is not fair. And Lori Schiller and Wells Fargo has this guaardianship petition about keeping me away from my money. This is not right and this is not fair.”

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Wendy Williams Out And About At Met Gala 2022


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Wendy Williams. But she wasted no time in getting out with Jason Lee on her arm for the night to enjoy the fashion and festivities. The former daytime tv talk show host even attended a Met Gala after-party hosted by Cardi B.

Plus, Wendy told a news source that this isn’t the lady we’d be seeing of her. Williams, whose eponymous talk show was canceled during her extended leave from daytime TV, was the plus-one of Hollywood Unlocked founder-CEO Jason Lee. They attended the Boom Boom Room bash at The Standard, High Line, which was hosted by Cardi B and Playboy.media, revealed his mystery date on social media.

“Yo, came to New York for the Met Gala, but I wasn’t going to come outside without the sexiest date in New York City,” Lee said before panning to the 57-year-old talk show queen rocking black Playboy bunny ears.

“How you doin’?” he asked Williams. “I’m good,” replied the star, who has been absent from daytime TV since last year.