TI In Hot Seat Behind His Daughter, Deyjah Harris Being Offered $1 Million To Lose Her Virginity In Video

Oh boy! This world we live in just never ceases to amaze us right? But did the ‘King of The South’ jam his foot in his mouth by talking about his baby girls hymen, etc to the entire universe? Why, you ask? Well because now the poor teen is being associated with the Canadian website […]

Fifty Cent Boycotting Cosmopolitan Hotel for His Man’s n Em- T.I. joins him.

Fifty Cent took to his Instagram Tuesday evening to speak his peice on his homies effed up situation. When Meek Mill was refused service and threatened with an on site arrest, people were infuriated. Here we go again…being ostricized and ridiculed simply because of the color of our skin is becoming more and more ubiquitous. […]