Super Cute Viral Photos Trend The Internet Of Jay Z And Blue Ivy


Jay Z And Blue Ivy Are Seen At The Celtics Game

As if we didn’t know she was already a star like her parents, bit watching her grow up is amazing. She showed up with her Daddy looking like a big girl. And she’s definitely got her Dad’s height. She’s really growing up into a beautiful young lady.

Blue Ivy Is Looking Like Little Beyonce

During the game in which the Warriors beat the Celtics, 24 Grammy winning Jay Z, along with ‘Brown Skin Girl’s hit maker Blue Ivy; received recognition on the jumbotron.

Since 1996, the “Girl,Girls,Girls”hitmaker continues to blaze big trails in the world; from hip-hop and beyond, by releasing material favored by the masses both as a soloist and collaborator to music’s biggest stars — not limited to Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Coldplay, Kanye West and; of course, his wife Beyoncé.

The Carters are trending this week after Beyoncé announced her new album coming out next month. Leading up to the announcement, Queen Bey wiped her social media clean, sending fans in a frenzy.

Cryptocurrency Has Crawled It’s Way Into The Sports Arena.


As financial literacy expands in the world, people are becoming adjusted to using more than just one type of currency. Cryptocurrency is becoming more ubiquitous in an array of various arenas.

The digital currency world is growing in vast numbers. Now sports fans can not only invest but consume in the present a currency owned by their favorite sports team. Through fan tokens, several clubs can join in on the new phenomena.

“We don’t think that fan tokens will replace other revenue streams, but it’s an extra revenue stream from outside of the traditional model and it’s one that is becoming more and more important in terms of mitigating the impact of losses elsewhere” said CEO of ( a fan engagement platform based on blockchain technology); Alexandre Dreyfus.

He further explained:

“Those who own fan tokens have been actively participating in club life through our app.

“They are digital assets that boost fan engagement,” he said.


Tom Brady Rumored To Be Retiring From NFL- His Dad Said ‘Lies’


TMZ came out first with news that the Superbowl leading champion Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL Tampa Buccaneers.

Championed football legend Tom Brady,44; may or may not have actually said that. It was rumored that ESPN tweeted it. But then the former Patriot’s quarterback’s father; Brady Sr., said his son never said such a thing. And that if something like that were true, we would hear it from his son’s mouth.

More from Brady Sr., courtesy of NFL Network’s Mike Giardi. “Checked in with Brady’s dad; who tells me, and I quote”,

‘This story Mike is total conjecture. Tommy has not made a final decision one way or the other and anybody else that says that he has is absolutely wrong.’


Tom Brady Sr., Responds To San Francisco News Outlet

Tom Brady Sr. spoke with San Francisco news outlet KRON4; around 1:31 PM PT  saying his son is “not retiring,” disputing the report from ESPN’s Schefter and Darlington.

According to the outlet, Brady Sr. says “an online publication started circulating an unsubstantiated rumor. However a number of NFL insiders are now reporting it.”


Brady is considered the greatest player of all time; winning seven Superbowl titles.

John Madden Honored Nationally By NFL With Moments Of Silence


John Madden was head coach of Raiders and won Superbowl. On Sunday, teams throughout the league held a moment of silence to commemorate Madden before their Week 17 games. Wide receiver DeSean Jackson wore custom cleats, and all Raiders players had a “JM” decal on their helmets. Buffalo Bills wideout Stefon Diggs also sported Madden kicks. When the news hit social media waves that the sports icon had passed away, tribues swarmed in to honor the sportscast vet.

© Focus on Sport/Getty ImagesNFL legend John Madden on the sidelines during a Oakland Raiders game.

FOX and CBS also paid tribute to the late broadcaster with separate on-air tributes ahead of their afternoon slate of games. Fox Sports broadcasters wore custom varsity jackets that featured an “All-Madden” path above the heart. An NFL logo fused with Madden’s silhouette was present in the top right corner of the screen on Fox telecasts; it usually says “Fox|NFL.” 

The high vibe Raiders coach was highly respected and sought after by the players for his nod of approval. Besides being an inspiration for different generations for his contribution to the game as a head coach, broadcaster, and eventually face of the popular video game, Madden has also been a known survivor. Period.