Ray J Is Quarantining So He Can See His Family Princess Love Is Not Here for Games


As we all know, right now is a very tender time, even for spouses. Some of us have watched COVID-19 snatch our friends and loved ones like a thief in the night. Some with no signs, some being diagnosed and within days found dead. Unfortunately the call for separation and purge hasn’t been easy at all to accept. But Princess Love is one of those who has no qualms about it. Try playing with a momma and her kids. See how that goes for ya….

Princess Love has made it crystal clear that she is not letting Ray J see the kids until he quarantines for 14 days. But hey! At least he’s in a luxury hotel, right? (see pic below) Ray J disclosed to inside sources that he’s currently being quarantined, which is a mandate of his wifes, for at least seven days, he says. And he also has to start over if he chooses to be around anyone. Per Princess’ orders!

They both share two children together, Melody,2 and Epik Love (5 mos). “I’m lonely right now. I don’t want to quarantine by myself. I keep telling Princess but she says, “If I see one person over there with you, you got to start over, ” he explained. “So I really have to lock myself in, because I really miss my kids”.

“She said I got to put in seven days alone, and I’m good with the seven, but she really wants me to do 14, so it’s hard to look at the 13 days left.

According to Page Six, Love spotted her hubby ‘s Instagram post where he was posing less than six feet away from short-film director Antonio Ward, so she made him start his quarantine all over again.

He sent in a pic of his lonely self in his luxurious hotel bathtub. Aww poor Ray J. Sending Ray J and Princess Love positive, healing vibes. Stay healthy folks!

Coronavirus patient refuses to quarantine, so deputies are surrounding his home with force


Ish is getting real cray! According to CNN, a 53 year old male patient checked himself out of the hospital against medical advice after testing positive for the coronavirus. Leaving officials with not much of a choice, they’ve decided to surround his home to forcefully keep him inside.Kentucky governor Andy Beshear said in a conference, “It’s a step I hoped that I’d never have to take but I can’t allow one person who we know has this virus to refuse to protect their neighbors.”