Beyonce and Jay Z meet the Royal Fam

According to inside reports, Meghan Markle, Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex wore an $18,000 gown to meet the Lion Queen and King on Sunday at the Lion King premier; marking this her first film premier as a royal. Beyonce wore a custom gold pleated gown with a thigh high slit by Cong Tri, alongContinue reading “Beyonce and Jay Z meet the Royal Fam”

Meghan Markles’ Skincare Product Has Royal Family Pissed!

Meghan Markle is in deep ish with her Royal in law’s due to her skin care slayage. She created a skin regimen with Dr. Oz. Queen Elizabeth ordered her to keep her rituals inside the family circle. Not to seek outside assistance. Meghan violated legal boundaries and went against Royal Family ethics, which is whyContinue reading “Meghan Markles’ Skincare Product Has Royal Family Pissed!”