Fifty Cent Boycotting Cosmopolitan Hotel for His Man’s n Em- T.I. joins him.

Fifty Cent took to his Instagram Tuesday evening to speak his peice on his homies effed up situation. When Meek Mill was refused service and threatened with an on site arrest, people were infuriated.

Here we go again…being ostricized and ridiculed simply because of the color of our skin is becoming more and more ubiquitous. If you saw the video, the hotel staff seemed very adamant and knowledgeable of the ramifications they were trying to enforce. Now they wanna apologize 😔

And Fifty Cent was just one person who says he will jot patronize the hotel until the situation was resolved.

One follower responded with, “Cosmo better pay up!!”.

T.I. responded with “Never wanted to stay there but me neither”. Someone else said, “Plot twist: the Cosmo owes fifty too😮”.

Another follower said, “This rich nigga problems”.

Both Fiddy and T.I. we’re just a few of the people who are willing ditch The Cosmopolitan hotel. It’s about time we stand up and stop falling for the okey doke. Stay strong Meek Mill. *strong fist bump*

Meek Mill Denied at Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas, Threatened with Arrest-Lawyers Alledge Racially Laced Motives–WTF

Meek Mill was denied access into Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan Hotel Saturday night. TMZ reports that Nicki Minaj’s ex and activist, his entourage, including two security guards pulled up to the hotel around 3:30 p.m. Pacific time to attend a DJ Mustard show when the hotel’s security told them that they would not be able to enter the premises.

When questioned as to why Meek could not enter, the security guards’ response was simply, “I don’t know why.” The security guard read him his rights and told him if he did not leave, he would be arrested for trespassing.


Meek Mill’s lawyer Joe Tacopina spoke to TMZ abut the incident, stating that the guard asserted that the decision “came from way higher up” than his position. He plead with Meek that it ‘was not him’ and to contact the vice president via corporate. Meek nonchalantly told him he most certainly would not be contacting anyone, that all he was going to do was go public, as a member of his entourage recorded the fiasco.

Tacopina would soon write a letter to the Cosmopolitan in which he accuses the hotel of maintaining a “list of African American recording artists who should be dined access for no other reason than their culture and skin color. TMZ, who obtained a copy of the letter, reports that Tacopina went on to threaten legal action against the hotel and casino.  “Such course of conduct consitutes discrimination per se, in violation of state and federal law, and exposes you to significant monetary damage,” writes Tacopina. “We urge you to promptly issue an apology to Mr. Williams and grant him immediate access. In the event you fail to heed this one and only warning, we intend to pursue all legal recourse against you.” According to inside sources, the only other time Meek Mill was at the Cosmopolitan Hotel was nearly 5 years ago when he and Nicki Minaj attended a Jay-Z event.

This is disconcerting that we are still, even in 2019 facing racial fallacies and injustices and it seems we are at a loss when it comes to this fight. SMDH!!!!!

Meek Mill

Philly declared Meek Mill weekend March 15-17. This is parallel to the rapper’s homecoming concert off his ongoing Motivation Tour.


Festivities have been marked official by the City Council President, Darrell L. Clarke. Pennsylvania Senator Sharif Street is trying to get an initiative passed to have the whole city in on the festivities.

Philly has several reasons to love up onthe Dreamchaser CEO. First, he put Philly back on the map after the major downfall of The Roots and the Roc-A-Fella faction in the city.

He’s also responsible for several philathropic activities, such as Christmas Toy give away projects;  along with the major advocacy of Prison reform on a national level. Recently, he and Jay Z partnered up to collaborate efforts in reforming probation laws and shortening time of felons.

Kudos to Meek Mill and this fun filled weekend ahead. We stand with Philly in salutation bro! Keep up the good work.




Demarcus Cousins

Golden State Warriors star, Demarcus Cousins was rocking a pair of Meek Mill’s Puma sneakers tonight as the Warriors took on the Washington Wizards here in D.C.

He is showing his solidary by wearing the kicks tonight in support of the cause (fist bump). Meek teamed up with Puma to launch the new Clyde Court #REFORM kicks, where all the proceeds go towards the newly founded Reform Alliance by Meek Mill. It’s mission is to reform the probation and parole system in the U. S.

Everything about the shoe has a special significance. Each color in the shoe means something. The red symbolizes the blood and sacrifice of those who have fought for justice. The black represents the American prison system and the gold represents future victories. See shoe below.

How awesome!! Earlier this week Meek Mill teamed up with Jay Z to launch criminal justice reform organization REFORM. The kicks are available for pre-sale today at  Just type in the words ‘Meek Mill’ into the search bar on the website and the shoes pop right up.  

Meek Mill says he wants to be the voice for those who are mistreated by the justice system. This is a growing alliance that is garnering major support from other A-list celebs to include Amy Shumer, Ed Norton, Russell Simmons and about 90 others. The Alliance started with the unjust reimprisonment of @MeekMill due to minor technical probation violations.

The two to four year sentence he received sparked a national anger in Nov. 2017, which led to the #FreeMeek movement. This worldwide demonstration ultimately led to his release April 2018. This is when he realized, that although he was fortunate enough to have the legal resources he needed , that he was only one of millions of others who shared the same experience. He and millions of others are now committed to changing mass supervision laws that will have the greatest impact on the largest number of people. We outchea!! Making history yall. It’s a beautiful thang.

Thanks for listening, and leave your comments and thoughts below. Wishing you an abundance of peace, love and prosperity. Toodles xoxoxoxo

Hidden Agenda

This article makes me think of the quote below:

“They want our rhythm, but don’t want our blues”

-Author unknown