Julie Chrisley May Get one Fifteen Minute Call Per Day


Even though Todd and Julie Chrisley have reported to prison to serve their lengthy sentences, it doesn’t keep the family patriarch from remaining hopeful that they will see justice for The Chrisley’s. The reality show family have been under scrutiny since 2019, when a grand jury indicted them on charges of tax evasion, per Entertainment Tonight.  And in November 2022, the couple was sentenced to a combined 19 years in prison.

odd Chrisley Has “Hope” He And Julie Chrisley Will Get Justice

“The legal system, which we’ve never been a part of until now, is a very complex system that we just are still learning, and we don’t know; which is why we have all these attorneys that work for us,” he said on Chrisley Confessions. “You just have to hope and pray to God that when one division of the judicial system fails, that the next level, which is the appellate court, sees the mistakes and tries to correct those mistakes,” Todd added.

Julie Chrisley Can Make 15 Minute Calls to the Kids

Meanwhile, the prison sentence has begun for the pair and the Chrisley children will get 15 minutes phone time with their mom when she calls, according to FMC’s inmate handbook.

The “policy specifically allows inmates to make one call every three months,” the handbook reads. However, RadarOnline.com can confirm there’s not the case if prisoners are in good standing.

However, on the contrary, the handbook also states: “there is no specific limit on the number of phone calls that an inmate may make” — so inmates have to be mindful of time on the phone and use common courtesy.

The Chrisley’s Will Appeal Guilty Verdict In Back Fraud Case


Say What!!!

Reality show stars, Todd and Julie Chrisley revealed that they were “devastated and disappointed’ by the guilty verdict handed down in their federal fraud trial in Atlanta, Georgia, on Tuesday.

“The Chrisleys are devastated and disappointed with the verdict; however, they will be actively pursuing an appeal,” Julie’s lawyer, Steve Friedberg; told Fox News Digital on Wednesday. “They are grateful for all of the love and support they have received from their family, friends and fans.

The Couple Gave Wholesome Vibes

The stars of the USA show “Chrisley Knows Best,” which has run for ten seasons; were indicted by federal prosecutors in 2019; who alleged the couple “swindled” upwards of $30 million from community banks from 2007 to 2012 by inflating their net worth to secure loans; and specifically targeted smaller banks they knew did less due diligence than larger ones. In 2012, Todd filed for bankruptcy; erasing $20 million in loan debt.

“Prosecuting attorney Annalise Peters alleged they actively hid millions they made from the reality show; which began in 2014; as well as $500,000 in taxes Todd owed in 2009. They alleged that the couple actively evaded taxes going back to 2009,” reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Chrisley’s Are Obviously Distraught As They Share 3 Children Together

However, one of their daughters; Savannah Chrisley broke her silence to advocate her support for her parents.

On Thursday, the Growing Up Chrisley star shared a candid Instagram post and promised the “fight isn’t over” when it comes to her family‘s legal troubles.

“Before you continue reading I would like to ask one thing of you…please be kind. This life is so cruel and we’re all doing the best we can,” she shared. “I will continue to stand by my family and fight for justice. Justice for ourselves and for others that the system has failed. (There is only so much I can comment on legally at this moment.)”