Joshua Ziminski-Fired Gun In Air Just Before Kyle Rittenhouse Killed


Today was the genesis of the trial for Joshua Ziminski; whose name has been sprinkled throughout the Kyle Rittenhouse case. During the Kyle Rittenhouse case; he tried to say he thought Ziminski was firing his weapon at him. However Ziminski had fuzzy drone video footage that showed Rittenhouse aiming his rifle at Ziminski; prompting him to fire his weapon as a warning. This happened just seconds before Rittenhouse killed someone and injured another.

Joshua Ziminiski

Ziminski was charged on October 9, 2020 with arson; and a misdemeanor count of dangerous use of a weapon; after firing off a ‘warning’ shot on August 25, 2020; during the Kenosha protest after the Jacob Blake shooting. According to a Wisconsin news outlet, Ziminski is sometimes known as Alex Blaine.

Joshua Ziminski Is Charged With Firing His Gun In The Air

He was re-arrested in court on Monday. However, an email from the court indicated that jury selection had been postponed; and rescheduled for Monday, March 28. Ziminski has a pre-trial hearing scheduled for Feb. 25. To this end; the opposing attorneys argue that their client; who is one of the photographers at the Kenosha protest; is afraid of Ziminski. Claiming that Ziminski allegedly made threats about taking his pictures from him. Thus, rescheduling the trial for the later date.

According to WTMJTV; there are some lingering lawsuits. Jacob Blake filed a federal lawsuit against the officer who shot him, and a civil lawsuit has been filed by Gaige Grosskreutz and the parents of Anthony Huber. Both men were shot by Rittenhouse, and Huber died. They are suing Kenosha law enforcement.

Shooting Of Jacob Blake


On August 24, 2020 Jacob Blake was fatally shot by a Wisconsin police officer by the name of Rusten Sheskey. Sheskey shot Blake in the back four times and in the side three times after opening his driver’s door during a traffic stop. Sheskey and other officers encountered Blake after they responded to a call from a woman who reported that her boyfriend wasn’t supposed to be at her home. When they arrived at the scene the woman told them that Blake was trying to kidnap her kids as well as her SUV.

Protests for Unjust Shooting Of Jacob Blake

Since the shooting was unlawful and unjust Blake requested to be compensated for his damages. Although the claim was capped at $50,000 under state law, Blake’s lawyers submitted an itemization of “special damages” in the amount of nearly $777,000, which was denied by the courts. Thus, unrest and rioting was ignited by the community in a fit of rage regarding the injustice to Blake. Ultimately, the riot resulted in another slap in the face after Kyle Rittenhouse, a white teen killed two people, and injured one at one of the protests. Rittenhouse ultimately was exonerated after he cried crocodile tears on the witness stand.


Officer Rusten Sheskey shot Blake in August 2020. The shooting left Blake paralyzed from the waist down and sparked several nights of protests, some of which turned violent. To make matters worse, the cop who shot Blake was exonerated as well. Thus, no charges were brought against him.

Kyle Rittenhouse Sobs In Court During Trial


17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people last year with his AR-15 style rifle at a protest during the wake of the Jacob Blake killing. Protestors were generative of peacefully demonstrating; however the teenager claimed to be there to provide security and medical aid for a car dealership during the protest.

Ultimately, he would end up leaving with two bodies on his hands, and an injured person after he inserted himself in the crowd of protestors; shooting two of them, who were unarmed, dead.

A detective holding the gun retrieved from Kyle Rittenhouse/ Sean Krajacic

Kyle told the judge Thursday he had been threatened by Joseph Rosenbaum prior to shooting and killing him in Kenosha, Wis., on Aug. 25, 2020. The killer is charged with first degree homicide; in the shooting of three men, two of whom died.

The fact that he had such an unexpected outburst in court has been going viral, which halted his trial, causing a mistrial. Of course right? A mistrial is an inconclusive trial, when the jury can’t agree on a verdict. It’s always benevolence when it comes to non minorties committing heinous acts of crime.

At this point; you kinda have to laugh to keep from getting anxious about the seemingly ebulliently driven show of remorse he displayed in court. Lebron James was slammed for laughing at the exhilaration. The NBA player said that Rittenhouse must have eaten some Lemonheads; popular sour candy and is also my fave—before taking the stand. He also noted that he didn’t see any tears coming out of Rittenhouse’s eyes.

Protesters Gather Outside Courthouse

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Kyle Rittenhouse Takes The Stand

The judge became malignant after the prosecutor probed Rittenhouse about past behaviors.