A Massachusetts Man Receives A Get Well Card That Changed His Life


MASSACHUSETTS-Alexander McLeish,62, had no clue how his life was about to change. And you’ll never guess what was inside. This Thanksgiving holiday he landed himself in the hospital as he recovered from open-heart surgery he had earlier in the month.

The nurse walked into his room, handing him a yellow envelope with a get well soon card and some lottery stickets from a long time friend. When he got to the “$5,000,000 100x Cashword” ticket in his Attleborough, Massachusetts home, with his one of his sons right there beside him. As he continued to scratch off words on crossword puzzle looking ticket, the bottom word read “heart” and clenched in the million-dollar prize.

(Photo Credit: Massachusetts State Lottery)

Can you imagine? You never know what a small gesture can do to impact someone’s life. I’m sure the person who gifted him the scratch off ticket had no intention of him winning such a massive amount of money. But anyway, congratulations. Enjoy!!

So You’re Thinking Of Starting A Podcast


If you need some extra cash, starting a podcast may be the easiest most fun thing you can do. Since the pandemic people globally have given their traditional jobs the boot. And maybe the person reading this is one of those people too. You’ve realized your potential and its far bigger than the cubicle you worked out of. So now that you’ve come to this revelation, now what?

Forbes-NEW YORK, NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 04: Alysha “Alysha P” Pamphile, Sapphira “Sapphira Em” Martin, Rebecca … [+]

Maybe you thought about podcasting but felt like you weren’t qualified or knowledgeable in anything enough for people to actually listen to YOU. Fear not. You are not alone. There are lots of varieties you can choose to use for your platform from voice overs, to recorded books. Starting a new venture of any kind can feel intimidating. But I promise once you jump off the cliff; you begin to glide and eventually soar high.

Starting A Podcast is Fun

Not to mention, an outlet that gives you the freedom to share your points of view on various topics. Podcasts are vastly growing and becoming a part of technology that people prefer to use. Technology has branched off ubiquitously. With statistics showing how massive screentime can affect our mood and psyche, podcasting assists with cutting that screen time down.

Travis Scott Foundation Gifts 2K Kids Presents At Christmas


Travis Scott participated in a second annual toy drive through his nonprofit organization this year. TMZ reported that Scott’s foundation, Cactus Jack Foundation gifted two thousand Houston children Christmas gifts. In an attempt to assist underprivileged families; the ‘Antidote’ rapper is laying as lowkey as he can. Rightfully doing what he can to ease tensions as much as possible since the Astroworld calamity.

An inside source revealed that the gifts would be dispersed throughout six Houston Housing districts. This year’s drive was also located at the Southside Community Church in Corpus Christi and League City Elementary School in League City. The foundation also reportedly replaced hundreds of toys that were stolen from a local church earlier this month, unfortunately. But Travis didn’t let that stop him from still providing the toys.

Travis Scott Showed Up To Support The Babies

Alongside a sign for the toy drive, the foundation also shared photos of tables full of fun gifts for the kids.

Travis Scott and Foundation

Furthermore, the foundations Instagram post caption read: “Cactus Jack Foundation Second Annual Toy Drive is open now. 1 toy per child, first come first serve.”

The Vision of Cactus Jack Foundation

Partnering with the City of Houston, and The New School’s Parson’s School of Design Scott co-founded the 501-c3 organization last year November 2020 with the objective of providing educational and innovative resources to young adults in the Houston area. Within the organization is the HBCU’s Waymon Webster scholarship, named after Scott’s grandfather [Jacques Berman Webster]; which covers tuition fees during the pandemic for struggling families. Another important fact is that Webster attended HBCU Prairie View A&M University in Texas.

Meg Thee Stallion Is Inspiring College Dropouts To Finish What They Started


Meg Thee Stallion recently completed her degree at Texas State University. According to TMZ, Dr. Monica Rasmus, program director for TSU’s Health Admin program said ‘there’s been an influx of one-time dropouts-who used to study in her wing of the shool steadily finding their way back and getting re-enrolled’.

It’s Always A Naysayer Around

At first fans gave a side eye to her completing her degree, alluding that she may have been cappin about it all. But in spite of all the drama she endured, she managed to still push through and slay her goals. Real hot girl ish.

Meg Thee Stallion graduates from TSU