Joshua Ziminski-Fired Gun In Air Just Before Kyle Rittenhouse Killed


Today was the genesis of the trial for Joshua Ziminski; whose name has been sprinkled throughout the Kyle Rittenhouse case. During the Kyle Rittenhouse case; he tried to say he thought Ziminski was firing his weapon at him. However Ziminski had fuzzy drone video footage that showed Rittenhouse aiming his rifle at Ziminski; prompting him to fire his weapon as a warning. This happened just seconds before Rittenhouse killed someone and injured another.

Joshua Ziminiski

Ziminski was charged on October 9, 2020 with arson; and a misdemeanor count of dangerous use of a weapon; after firing off a ‘warning’ shot on August 25, 2020; during the Kenosha protest after the Jacob Blake shooting. According to a Wisconsin news outlet, Ziminski is sometimes known as Alex Blaine.

Joshua Ziminski Is Charged With Firing His Gun In The Air

He was re-arrested in court on Monday. However, an email from the court indicated that jury selection had been postponed; and rescheduled for Monday, March 28. Ziminski has a pre-trial hearing scheduled for Feb. 25. To this end; the opposing attorneys argue that their client; who is one of the photographers at the Kenosha protest; is afraid of Ziminski. Claiming that Ziminski allegedly made threats about taking his pictures from him. Thus, rescheduling the trial for the later date.

According to WTMJTV; there are some lingering lawsuits. Jacob Blake filed a federal lawsuit against the officer who shot him, and a civil lawsuit has been filed by Gaige Grosskreutz and the parents of Anthony Huber. Both men were shot by Rittenhouse, and Huber died. They are suing Kenosha law enforcement.