Identical Milwaukee Twins Arianna and Arielle Gettin Their Bag With 37 College Offers and $1Mil Combined in Scholarship Funds

Twins, Arielle and Arianna get accepted to 37 colleges and $1mil in scholarships. Yaaaasss ladies!

“There are two things in life for which we are never prepared: twins”- Author unknown.

This saying holds true for these pandemic pioneers. Because the world certainly wasn’t ready for these power girls, especially during such a tumultuous time. But these women have gone against all the odds and blasted through with flying colors. Together.

The class of 2020 all around the world has taken a major hit due to the nasty COVID-19. With global school shut downs, virtual learning, system crashes….these two Black twin sisters have pushed through with the audacity to not only graduate but graduate with honors.

With studies in  nursing, the high school seniors applied to 40 colleges and got accepted into 37  of them.  They have opted to stay closer to home in hope of attending Marquette University, located in their homestate. “Tuition is pretty much covered at Marquette. We got accepted into the EOP Program (Educational Opportunity Program) and directly into the nursing program”, Arianna said in an interview.

The twins, rising seniors at the Dr. Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy in Milwaukee, are at the top of their class, with the two highest  GPA’s, reported by WTMJ. Arianna will graduate as valedictorian and Arielle as salutatorian.

Making the deal even sweeter, the pair are the first in their family to attend college, and will be doing so at no cost to them or their families.

“Arianna and Arielle Williams have set a tremendous example as scholars and citizens for four years,” principal Judith Parker told WDJT-TV. “We couldn’t be more proud of their growth, choices and their ability to persevere with joy in the face of obstacles. They have traveled, organized community service projects, met Michelle Obama and represented our school inside of our walls and throughout our city. We are proud of them and the entire Class of 2020 and excited for the next chapter in their lives as they take this same drive to college”.

“You can do anything you want to do as long as you put your mind to it, “Arielle told WDJT. “This is  not really a completion for me, Arianna said. “I’m just getting started.”

“It’s okay to fail sometimes,” says Arianna. “You gotta accept your failures. Just come back harder. Do the most! They told us we were doing the most. Do the most and go above and beyond”.

These women are owning their futures and taking life by the horns. That’s what it’s all about, right? Werk ladies, wishing you nothing but continued greatness and success.

Sending Our Condolences–Lil Kim’s Father Passes Away Due To Alzheimers


After a long and hard battle with Alzheimer’s, Kim, surrounded by family and friends, said her last goodbye to her father.

Back in 2012, Lil Kim revealed to OK magazine that she would be taking care of her father, Linwood Jones, even though they had a strained relationship. “We have to feed him, because he can’t make his own food. He can’t really pour juice. He can get dressed, but we have to help him sometimes. Basically we have to help him do almost everything. He can walk around and stuff like that. And again, it’s early stages,” she said of his Alzheimers diagnosis.

“He remembers to do some things, but sometimes he forgets some things. Like one time, he forgot to turn off the stove, and the coffee pot caught on fire. We had to run and put it out. It was really crazy”.

Even though Lil Kim is grieving the loss of her dad, she took to social media to explain that the tragedy led her to heal her relations with Trina, who also lost a parent recently.


“On this very day, I found out my Daddy passed away. I was so distraught and had to put on a brave face and keep working because I had a show that samee night. When @trinarockstarr came into my dressing rooom we instantly bonded. She comforted me and it was exactly what I needed”, she said. She continued, “It’s as if her mom and dad brought us together and healed our friendship”.


Rihanna Hosts Exquisite Book Party for Visual Autobiography


Yassssssss bihhhh!! Rihanna Navy is sipping champagne tonight in celebration of her 500-page book.

On Friday, Rihanna shut down New York’s Guggenheim Museum for a star studded book party- a 504 page photo album of herself, or what she calls a “visual autobiography”- featuring over a thousand photos taken of her throughout her successful career, largely in the past decade of her career. Many of the photos are being made public for the first time ever, to top it off, the book would come in three limited editions with very Rihanna-worthy names: “This Shit Is Heavy,” “Drippy + the Brain” and “Stoner”.

From her fairly new record label Roc Nation, her book publisher Phaidon, Fenty, her skin care and fashion brand Fenty, and a plethora of brand partnerships….sis is super busy and living her best life.

The guests on Friday showed up in all black in the Guggenheim lobby, being offered champagne by none other than her champagne line, with each bottling retailing about $300. Additionally, guests chowed down on fried macaroni canapes for 30 minutes before the official start time of the event. Armand de Brignac, RiRi’s brand manager, who was present at the party said that the bar budget alone easily numbered six figures.

Everyone who attended the party walked away with a standard edition copy of Rihanna.

Along with thanking her creative team, business partners and other collaborators -including her childhood friend and “bestie” Melissa Forde, who got the loudest cheer of the night from fans – Rihanna paid special homage to the venue she’d chosen. “I want to thank the Guggenheim not only for having us here, but to share this peice of art, she said of her book, “and have it be among the art that has been at the Guggenheim since 1959.”

For an event as iconic as Rihanna strolling through the Guggenheim, and looking at photos of her, it’s a reminder of just how far her business efforts have carried her beyond the Music of the Sun album, her very first 2 million sold worldwide album. We see you bossin Rihanna. #respect.

Mary Wallace Drove into History


Mary Wallace broke barriers when she was the first female transit bus driver for Chicago. In 1974, she turns heads when she decided to remain relentless in her quest for change.

“I used to work for the Planning & Placement Center when I was going to college, and we had job orders for CTA bus drivers. So I decided I wanted to check this out for myself, and I did. I went for three years, and they kept saying no”…

Of course she got mixed reactions when she finally was hired for the CTA position. But you already know she didn’t let that stop her. She worked for Chicago’s Transit Authority for 33 years before she retired. Salute Queen. #blackgirlmagic