Sending Our Condolences–Lil Kim’s Father Passes Away Due To Alzheimers

After a long and hard battle with Alzheimer’s, Kim, surrounded by family and friends, said her last goodbye to her father. Back in 2012, Lil Kim revealed to OK magazine that she would be taking care of her father, Linwood Jones, even though they had a strained relationship. “We have to feed him, because heContinue reading “Sending Our Condolences–Lil Kim’s Father Passes Away Due To Alzheimers”

Rihanna Hosts Exquisite Book Party for Visual Autobiography

Yassssssss bihhhh!! Rihanna Navy is sipping champagne tonight in celebration of her 500-page book. On Friday, Rihanna shut down New York’s Guggenheim Museum for a star studded book party- a 504 page photo album of herself, or what she calls a “visual autobiography”- featuring over a thousand photos taken of her throughout her successful career,Continue reading “Rihanna Hosts Exquisite Book Party for Visual Autobiography”

Mary Wallace Drove into History

Mary Wallace broke barriers when she was the first female transit bus driver for Chicago. In 1974, she turns heads when she decided to remain relentless in her quest for change. “I used to work for the Planning & Placement Center when I was going to college, and we had job orders for CTA busContinue reading “Mary Wallace Drove into History”

Two Piece Crop Set is a Must Have this Summer 2019

It’s literally 80 degrees right now in Maryland where I live. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being in the crisp, cool A/C on days when I’m able to work from home. But sometimes extra curricular duties call and I have to actually put on clothes ( which I typically don’t enjoy), butContinue reading “Two Piece Crop Set is a Must Have this Summer 2019”