Jay-Z Fights Back For Jailed Man For Weed


Jay-Z is less than thrilled that a man is serving 14 years over some weed; and one of the reasons for him still being there is from a leftover chicken meal. Talk about unfair treatment.

Jay’s Team Roc is upholding the case for Valon Vailes, 56, who was convicted in 2007;and currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for intent to distribute more than a ton of weed.

Valon Vailes, serving prison sentence for weed and chicken

And while his attorney vouched saying he meets the terms for compassionate release, he’s still nonetheless in prison. Meanwhile, Vailes reached out to the ‘99 Problems’ rapper to help in his legal turpitude; obviously seeking a lesser sentence. But in recent court docs, Team Roc says the feds wont budge over some “ticky-tac” prison offenses.

Moreover, Vailes attorney; Alex Spiro; says that the federal government has denied the request because he “snuck some leftover chicken from the prison mess hall to his cell.” Additionally, the feds are alleging that Vailes is also being punished for using a piece of his prison uniform as “workout equipment.”

Meanwhile Jay-Z has had his own battles to fight as he just recently got out of court from fighting a perfume company. Neither Jay-Z or the fragrance brand won. They both walked out the same way they went in. But we know the HOV rapper doesn’t sit down when it’s time to stand up. Especially when it comes to the culture.

Jay Z is Just An All Around Boss

Moreover, as a business mogul and billionaire entrepreneur, Jay has hands in several investments, including marijuana. In October, the ‘Holy Grail’ hitmaker invested in Flowhub; a Denver-based cannabis point-of-sale software company. He participated in a $19 million strategic funding round, which values the company at $200 million. But instead of selling gummies and pre-rolls, he takes a different route and invests in helping marijuana dispensaries process payments.

Killer Mike Opens Up Black Owned Digital Bank For ‘The People’


Doin it for the culture! Activist and Atlanta born rapper Michael Render AKA Killer Mike; along with civil rights advocate Andrew Young; and Ryan Glove — have raised over $3M to fund a new digital bank. The efforts of the project are geared toward Blacks, Latinos and business owners.

Securing the coins from private investors, Greenwood seeks to bridge the gap of financial services and banking to the underprivileged. Users have access to Apple, Samsung, Android pay, virtual debit cards, P2P transfers, mobile check deposits; and free ATM usage in over 30,000 locations.

Details of The New Digital Bank

Although the bank is solely electronic right now, the ‘Run The Jewels’ rapper says they do plan to work with brick and mortal banks in the near future. He hopes to provide deposits to aid strengthen other Black owned banks.

Other perks involved are:

  • For every customer sign-up, Greenwood will provide five free meals to a family in need.
  • Every swipe of a Greenwood debit card will prompt a donation to UNCF for education; Goodr to feed the hungry, or NAACP to support civil rights.
  • And every month, Greenwood will provide a $10,000 grant to a Black or Latinx small business owner whose a Greenwood customer.

With such a high climate of racial injustices and financial disadvantage, its time now to collect the dividends that have been due to African Americans and minorities for so long. According to Brookings, a major disproportion of wealth was found staggering. At $171,000, the net worth of a typical white family is nearly ten times greater than that of a Black family ($17,150) in 2016.

“We have the skills, talent, and energy to compete anywhere in the world, but to grow the economy, it has to be based on the spirit of the universe and not the greed of the universe”, Andrew Young told Black Business.

black business

Thus he continues, “Killer Mike, Ryan, and I are launching Greenwood to continue this work of empowering black and brown people to have economic opportunity”.

Greenwood Derives From History

Undoubtedly Greenwood is a collaboration of an executive team that includes BofA vet Aparicio Giddins; and former Green Dot man David Tapscott. Both are Black, a fact noted by Killer Mike; who took the opportunity to take a chance with Wells Fargo CEO Charles Scharf. Moreover Scharf recently claimed “there is a very limited pool of Black talent to recruit from”.

Black Owned Board Game Influenced From Nostalgic TV Show ‘A Different World’


The family fun board game included quotes from the show. The players guess which season and episode the quote came from.

It’s nothing like some Sunday dinner family fun. Playing board games is a relaxing, fun activity that is almost enjoyed by family and friends. Giving you balls of laughs and hysterical Nostalgic memories.

Seems like this company has stumbled on some obstacles and is putting the game on hold until further orders come through. Check them out and help out as you see fit. We all need a push sometimes.

NeNe Leakes Ladies Of Success Weekend Begins Now!


The ladies of elite black hollywood have packed their duffle bags and headed to Miami for a powerful, inspiration laced lady boss event hosted by NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams. Their goal is to attract like minded, female entrepreneurs who are doing their thang. Initially, it was planned as just a girls trip for Nene and Wendy, but then Nene became inspired to turn it into a whole women empowerment weekend.

Leakes says the event is for women who are already “eating the fruits of their labor. Living that life and wanna connect with other women who can do some of the same things they can do with the same mind set.”

Trina took to her instagram to show her arriving to the event.