Black Owned Board Game Influenced From Nostalgic TV Show ‘A Different World’

The family fun board game included quotes from the show. The players guess which season and episode the quote came from. It’s nothing like some Sunday dinner family fun. Playing board games is a relaxing, fun activity that is almost enjoyed by family and friends. Giving you balls of laughs and hysterical Nostalgic memories. SeemsContinue reading “Black Owned Board Game Influenced From Nostalgic TV Show ‘A Different World’”

Black Mom/Teacher Releases Children’s Book About the HBCU Homecoming Experience

Who doesn’t love the sound of the drummers and the marching band parading through the football field, crisp fresh fall air, and grilled turkey legs?? Well, this young lady by the name of La-Donia Alford-Jeffries decided to relay her experience to kids all across the world. She put that experience into a book, titled ‘Homecoming’.Continue reading “Black Mom/Teacher Releases Children’s Book About the HBCU Homecoming Experience”

Rihanna Hosts Exquisite Book Party for Visual Autobiography

Yassssssss bihhhh!! Rihanna Navy is sipping champagne tonight in celebration of her 500-page book. On Friday, Rihanna shut down New York’s Guggenheim Museum for a star studded book party- a 504 page photo album of herself, or what she calls a “visual autobiography”- featuring over a thousand photos taken of her throughout her successful career,Continue reading “Rihanna Hosts Exquisite Book Party for Visual Autobiography”

Black Owned Coffee Shop in Washington, DC

It’s Saturday, as I’m strolling on Florida Ave., just picking up some household items. My guy and I both turned our heads quickly when we saw someone’s order of coffee in the window of a small shop. The shop has a modern look to it, your words echo just a bit, very laid back atmosphere;Continue reading “Black Owned Coffee Shop in Washington, DC”