Beyonce is Done Done With Wedding Planner in ‘Blue Ivy’ Legal Battle

Somebody gonna make Beyonce get real ugly! For a year now, she’s been being tried by a wedding planner who titled her enterprise ‘Blue Ivy’. According to court documents, Beyonce and Valencia Morales have been involved in a dispute over the trademark of Blue Ivy. Beyonce attempted to get the trademark for her daughter’s name […]

Beyonce and Blue Ivy in ‘Spirit’ video- Twitter is convinced Blue Ivy is the real star.

Chiiilllleee…..yall know Blue Ivy is following right in her mothers footsteps and let me just tell you, WE ARE HERE FOR EVERY BIT OF IT. I love how Beyonce ‘leaves no one behind’ , including her very own seed. Can you imagine being Beyonce’s daughter, lol?? Okay, let’s get out of dreamy land for a […]

Warriors Owner’s Wife Nicole Curan Claps Back at Beyhive for Dragging Her for talking to Uncle Jay!

Nicole Curan might as well get on out the kitchen cuz this heat is hectic!! But she aint backing down, not even from the myopic Beyhive. She is here for it and is defending herself from the vicious mob. She’s being accused of getting too cozy with Bey’s hubby, Jay-Z (cues lyrics from Bey’s ‘All […]