Eve Looks Back At Year 2022

ve and husband Maximillion Cooper. (Image source: Instagram – @therealeve)

Eve Jihan Cooper, known as Grammy award winning rapper Eve, recently had a baby with her husband. She took some time to reflect on her non-monetary blessings.

Eve emerged as one of a new breed of tough and talented female MCs to hit the rap scene during the late ’90s, alongside contemporaries Foxy Brown and Lil Kim.

She would eventually take a break before releasing her last album, “Eve-olution” in 2002. The ending for her music career was the mountaintop to the first leg of her acting career. 2002 would be one of her best years yet as she starred in the hit classic movie Barbershop with Ice Cube. She would go on to star in several other groundbreaking movies including all the sequels to the movie Barbershop, Queens and Flashback of a Fool and several more.

After a ten-year career on the big screen, she met her husband in 2010 and married in 2014. Since then, the actress has been living life with her husband and son; while simply enjoying the fruits of her labor. Hidden Agenda reached out to her team to see what she has next up her sleeve; but have no response yet.

Did You Know Jhene Aiko Had a Sleep Music App


Jhene Aiko is about to spoil us. Even adults are super stoked that they can fall asleep to that sultry, melodic voice of hers. Debuting this Friday (Dec. 9), the project will feature lullabies sung by the “I’ll Kill you” hitmaker. Aiko recently birthed a child of her own with Big Sean.

“2 more sleeps until volume 2 is out! don’t forget to pre-save. link in bio [teddy bear, cloud, zzz emojis],” the award-winning, acoustic-soul singer announced on Instagram with a release date slated for Friday (Dec. 9).


hené Aiko and Namiko Love. PHOTO: JHENÉ AIKO INSTAGRAM

The pair welcomed their son, Noah Hasani, into the world November 2022. The new little one joins Aiko’s 14-year-old daughter Namiko Love, whom she shares with ex O’Ryan.

Jhene Aiko and Her Daughter Share an Unforgettable Singing Experience Together

For Vh1’s third annual mother’s day special called “Dear Mama”, Aiko and her daughter Namiko sang a tear jerking lullabye-type song together onstage.

Fans have missed the soothing voice of Jhene Aiko. It’s so good to see her back in the studio and even better that we’re only an app away from that beautiful voice. This new endeavor for her may really make some huge strides. The world needs healing, and a lot of people suffer from insomnia. So this is a genius and clever segway for the songstress. Jhene is really looking out for the kiddos. Additionally, did you know she was also a children’s book author of a book called 2Fish? It’s essentially a memoir of her diaries she kept from a child all the way through adulthood.

Man Comes Forth Claiming To Be A Cardi B Victim


It was only a matter of time before someone would come forth raising the hand for the #muteCardi movement. But let’s just get one thing straight, Cardi B has yet to be charged with a crime. After the Bodak Yellow rapper went on a rant that involved her sharing some of her dark past, people took it and ran with it. Secondly, the video that resurfaced is from three years ago. There is no police investigation into Actor Jack King’s claims.

Furthermore, he recently came forward to say that he was victimized by Cardi B. And he’s been on Instagram for several days maintaining that he is one of Cardi B’s victims. Check out his Instagram post below.

According to Cardi B’s own statement, she was not drugging and robbing men when she was in fear for her life or under immediate bodily harm or threat. She said the following.

“The men I spoke about in my live were men that I dated that I was involve [sic] with men that were conscious willing and aware. I have a past that I can’t change. We all do.”

R. Kelly Is Suing Prison For Falsely Categorizing Him As Suicide


R Kelly was sentenced to thirty years in prison this week for sex trafficking. However he was placed almost immediately on suicide watch by the New York Detention Center. The charges were announced at a press conference Monday afternoon by Mike Freeman, the attorney for Hennepin County, an area that includes Minneapolis.

Meanwhile the ‘Pied Pipers’ lawyer; Jennifer Bonjean, told PEOPLE on Friday: “the decision to put her client on suicide watch was for “purely punitive reasons”; because he’s a “high-profile inmate,” and violates his Eighth Amendment rights.

R Kelly

The two charges include engaging in prostitution with an individual under the age of 18. But at least 16 years old and hiring, offering, or agreeing to hire someone in that age range for sexual penetration or sexual contact.

Thus, inciting a new legal matter where R Kelly’s lawyer is suing MDC; the facility where Kelly is currently being held. Nonetheless claiming he’s not suicidal; and that it is a “cruel and unusual punishment,” according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

“MDC has a policy of placing high profile individuals under the harsh conditions of suicide watch; whether they are suicidal or not (this was done recently with Ghislaine Maxwell)” Bonjean told PEOPLE. She goes on to say:

“MDC Brooklyn is being run like a gulag. My partner and I spoke with Mr. Kelly following his sentencing. He expressed that he was mentally fine. He ONLY expressed concern that even though he was NOT suicidal. MDC would place him on suicide watch (as they did following the guilty verdict),” she added. “We have just sued MDC Brooklyn.”

“Inmates are stripped of their clothing and underwear. They’re dressed in a smock made of material that is akin to the material that moving companies use when wrapping furniture,” the complaint alleges. Adding that inmates are “typically placed in a single cell without bed rails. And they were offered no items of comfort.”

R Kelly Is Feeling The Brunt Of Prison Life

“They cannot shower or shave and are sometimes not even afforded toilet paper. Meals are not provided with utensils, forcing inmates to eat with their hands. They have no ability to consult with loved ones or supportive figures,” the complaint claims. “And of course, they are monitored 24-7 by prison officials. Ironically, individuals on ‘suicide watch’ don’t even receive psychiatric care.

“The BOP is committed to ensuring the safety and security of all inmates in our population; our staff, and the public. Humane treatment of the men and women in our custody is a top priority. The BOP does not comment on pending litigation or matters that are the subject of legal proceedings.”