Without rain, nothing grows. Learn to embrace the obstacles of life.

This look was achieved by accident. It grew on me quickly tho 😋This was my first time wearing a monochromatic look and I must say I think I’ll be wearing more of these looks in the future. Im sold!

This look incorporates both contemporary and classic peices. The blue tassel suede pointy flats give more of the classic touch to this look. The polyester flair dress shorts actually feel like a silk, so comfy!They are contemporary as well as the blouse Im wearing because of the textured design on the blouse which aides in the character of the outfit.

I accesorized this look with a pearl custom made cc logo brooch. Always have fun with fashion. Keep reading for outfit details and where to find these items!😘

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

-Author Unknown

OOTD Deets

  1. Earrings-Macys Backstage
  2. Blouse -Ann Taylor
  3. Flair Dress Shorts-H &M
  4. Tassel Suede Flats-H&M
  5. Pearl cc logo brooch-Studio59


Today in the Einstein Bagel Bros., I ordered my coffee and bagel. As I was about to swipe a gift card I wasn’t sure had enough money on it to purchase my food, the lady in the line behind me, handing me a $20 bill says, “Ma’am did you drop this?” Abruptly, just like that the Universe served yet another miracle. Change can sometimes be abrupt, both good and bad.  And sometimes, we are forced to just roll with the punches, take a licking and keep on ticking. When abrupt changes happen in your life, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Take a step back, breathe  and collect your thoughts. Everything is going to work out just fine. It always does. *wink via Daily Prompt: Abrupt


When you bestow something, you are presenting, or offering. When I think of bestow, I think of offering. We all offer something everyday. We bestow our kindness or anger, or charity, or bestow our opinion. We can bestow love upon someone, which I think is the best thing to bestow. If we must bestow, it should be positive and it should be a substance of enhancement and growth. Bestow or devote/committ your works unto the Lord and He will direct your path.  Prompt: Bestow

A “muse”ment Park Day!!

future 2MUSE- A source of artistic inspiration

Hey yall!! How has your week been going? For me, it’s a rainy Tuesday, and it was  a struggle to get through the day. I was so damn tired but thankfully I made it through.  It was all good  tho because I was able to take off from work the rest of the week to be able to chaperone my daughters outdoor ed camping trip with her school. You remember those trips? In middle school? I didn’t go because at the time I was in private school, but I heard about it and I feel like I’ve lived through it lol. Keep reading for the outfit deets!! Cant you tell I had I fun shooting this photo session lol? I’ve posted the photographers IG info below too, he’s the best.

Soooooo…..girl how bout I wanted you to check out this jacket created by Reckless & Artistic. Baybeeeeee……the unicorn alone sends the magic all by herself. I promise you when I wear this jacket my creative juices flow like a river.  Ideas by the boatload come into me . It’s incredible. I learned about Muses when I read the life changing book by Steven Pressfield, “A War of Art”. The nine muses in Greek mythology were goddesses of the arts and sciences, and were daughters of Zeus, the king of the gods. There’s a name for each muse depending on the type of artistry. In the book , I learned that our muse helps us to kill that mental roadblock that keeps us from moving towards our ambition.

Self deception and corruption are cousins to what Steven Pressfield explains as resistance. Procrastination is the biggest manifestation of resistance. In the religious/spiritual realm, we identify it as “the enemy”, or “the devil. In quantum physics, we call it ‘resistance’.  Keep in mind, resistance isn’t biased, it doesn’t know you personally.  But resistance knocks on everyone’s door and that’s what your muse is there for, to assist you in breaking through the lies we tell ourselves as to why we are not living out our dreams.

Go get your futuristic robotic sunglasses at www.studio59.boutique.bigcartel.com.
Wearing my Muse on my back…literally.

Everyone deals with some type of stronghold or guilty pleasure that keeps you from ‘doing your work’. We as artists (writer, singer, designer, blogger, MUA…the list goes on and on) face all levels of resistance. Not ‘doing your work’, not living out your dreams can literally kill you a lot faster than you think. So, DO YOU!! No matter what anyone else thinks. Because this dash (called life) we are living from the start to our finish aint long. So live everyday as tho it were your last. As a quote from my  baby sister Bee (as we affectionately call her)says on my vision board in my room ……”TRN THE FCK UP…..oh and I love u”.  She handed me this card before my flight to the DR a couple years ago. It meant so much and it was so personal to me I decided to keep this portion of the card as an everyday reminder on my vision board.  And  so I pass these loving words to you too sis. xoxoxoxoxo


kk….till next time luvs….you already know I’m sending you buckets of peace and prosperity.  Leave your thoughts, comments, questions below. Talk with you soon!!

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Outfit Details

Chanel ChainBag: STUDIO59

Jeans: ROSS

Futuristic Sunglasses: STUDIO59

MUSE Customized leather jacket: Reckless & Artistic

Earrings: Macys Backstage


Photographer: D’Angelo Andrews