R Kelly Rushed To Emergency Room

R Kelly can’t seem to catch a break lately. He seems to be having a really tough time sticking out his jail time awaiting his next trial at the Metropolitan Correctional facility in Chicago.

He was rushed to North Shore hospital yesterday to undergo an emergency surgery on his hernia, forcing him to miss yet another court date.

He was immediately transported right back to jail following the procedure.

“He was limping when I visited him at the MCC [Metropolitan Correctional Facility] and he showed me the result of his surgery- three major stomach incision – and I don’t think he’d had much time to recover,” his attorney Shady Yassin told the Chicago Sun Times.

Kelly’s attorney filed documents back in September detailing the health issues he was experiencing, including numbness in his hands, anxiety and the hernia. “He is now taking pain medication following surgery and jail physicians are looking into his complaints of numbness, which they told him could be nerve damage,” his other lawyer Steve Greenberg told the Times. Yassin added that Kelly can’t partake in his favorite activities since his surgery but has been remaining active since being behind bars.

“He is still in recovery, so he can’t play basketball…but he had been taking meditation classes, attending church on Sunday and participating in church activities. He is NOT just sulking in his cell. He is trying to be positive. All this negative publicity has taken its toll on him. And he talks frequently about wanting to have a relationship with his children.”

Kelly’s trial is soon coming regarding aggravated sexual abuse charges where he is accused of trying to force his former hair dresser (Lanita Carter, AKA “LC”) to perform oral sex on him back in 2003. He’s also made a song about the alleged harrassment, entitled ‘Hair Braider’.

Black Owned Board Game Influenced From Nostalgic TV Show ‘A Different World’

The family fun board game included quotes from the show. The players guess which season and episode the quote came from.

It’s nothing like some Sunday dinner family fun. Playing board games is a relaxing, fun activity that is almost enjoyed by family and friends. Giving you balls of laughs and hysterical Nostalgic memories.

Seems like this company has stumbled on some obstacles and is putting the game on hold until further orders come through. Check them out and help out as you see fit. We all need a push sometimes.

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Police Release Mugshot of R. Kelly’s Girlfriend Jocelyn Savage After Fist Fight

After allegedly beating up R. Kelly’s other girlfriend, Azriel Clary,22 on January 8, Jocelyn Savage,24 got arrested. Her mugshot taken by Chicago PD. The incident took place at R Kelly’s condo on the 48th floor of the Trump tower, located in Chicago. Both Clary and Savage lived together, awaiting their shared Sha Boinka lover.

She turned herself into authorities on Thursday and plead not guilty to domestic battery after being accused of attacking Clary.

However, since the fight with Clary, Jocelyn has reunited with her family after a three year hiatus.

According to inside sources, Gerald Griggs the lawyer for Savage’s parents disclosed that his clients ( Savage’s parents) secretly made their way into a holding chamber in Chicago’s courthouse on Thursday, January 9.

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After meeting with her parents for thirty minutes, she was given their contract information and is reported to be seeing them more frequently moving forward.

Redemption Church Officially Files for Eviction Against Pastor John Gray

If it ain’t one thing it’s the NEXT. And it doesn’t matter how much money you have, or what your class or status quo may be, life happens to us all . John Gray has been catching hell on wheels lately. He’s been slapped with an eviction ( that most likely won’t take place, but still…).

Additionally, the church’s former COO is filing a lawsuit against him and the church, claiming Pastor Gray owes him $75000 in earned income. He can’t seem to catch a break.

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Travis Hayes was the church’s financial officer for 20 years, dating back from when the church was ran by Ron and Hope Carpenter. He remained in his position even once the Carpenters relocated to California. He then became the CFO for Relentless and was even promoted to COO back in April 2019 by John Gray, as well as reassigned to be the director of special projects and that Gray explained that his pay would remain the same.

However, Gray is being sued because he allegedly refuses to pay the former COO( Travis Hayes) of Relentless wages earned before he was wrongfully fired on Dec. 4.

He claims that Relentless sent him a letter saying he was fired on Dec. 4 for violating Relentless’ confidentiality policy. However, Hayes said he doesn’t have a clue what sort of policy violation Relentless was referring to and he explained that he was separated from employment without cause and is entitled to his pay.

On top of all that, according to the Greenville Online, a hearing has been set for January 31 to settle the dispute between Relentless Church ( pastored by John Gray) and Redemption Church ( property owner). The renters claim the pastor owes back due rent.

It was reported on Thursday, according to The Greenville, that John Gray’s reality TV show on OWN network is suffering behind the madness and is being cancelled, with no proposed dates to re-air. Meanwhile, the Relentless Church bought him a $1.8 million home. He also taked about an “emotional affair” he had with anther woman on national T.V. Not to mention he’s been dragged for associating himself with Donald Trump, according to NewsOne. Damn, is John Gray really the ‘Minister of Messy’?

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