Nipsey Hussle Drops Fiery Lyrics And Goes After This Rapper On New Song With Rick Ross

Only four and a half months after the very unfortunate and tragic death of Nipsey Hussle his fans and fellow rappers/activists still can’t seem to get enough of Nipsey’s talent.

And a new song from Rick Ross might just scratch the itch of worldwide fans. The LA rapper and activist has a new release entitled “Rich Ni–a Lifestyle”. The track includes vocals from Teyana Taylor, featuring a brief diss by Nipsey Hussle against Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Nipsey said on the track that is lifted off of Rick Ross’ Port of Miami 2 album. “How many n***s on your payroll? Rich g*ang bangers, y’all aint even know they make those Double caseloads, push buttons, I got say-so When it’s war time, never lay low, yall play roles

I can’t name a fake n**** that was not exposed

How yall n***s so surprised that Tekashi told?

Aint a real street n*** ‘less you got a code

Mines one comma, n***, followed by a lot of 0’s.

The whole verse delivered by Hussle has received a lot of attention and many positive comments, and the part where he called explicitly out Tekashi for being a snitch has become a viral sensation since the release of the new record.

Ross seems to be doing quite well on the creative front, moving forward with his career and looking towards the future with real boss moves, even talks of him switching gears a little bit, joining the cast of Coming to America the sequel. This is what Ross had to say about meeting Nipsey Hussle, ” Me, first meeting Nipsey many, many moons ago, I knew just looking in his eyes he understood his direction.  He was one of the first artists that I stood next to and had a conversation, and he didn’t look down on his situation of being independent. He already had a plan, an idea”.



Jeffrey Epstein, Alleged Child Predator Committed Suicide in Jail

A body, believed to be wealthy financer, Jeffrey Epstein was loaded into a forensic vehicle Saturday morning after he was found unresponsive in his cell Saturday morning.

TMZ reports that Epstein was taken off Suicide watch after he met with medical professionals who evaluated him after his first alleged suicide attempt.

He had been awaiting charges on sex trafficking.

A woman who accused Jeffrey of raping at the age of 15 says that his death shouldn’t hinder authorities from fully prosecuting his personal network that facilitated his alleged cycle of sexual abuse.

Stephanie Keith/ Getty Images

Epstein’s July 6 arrest was based on new charges that alleged Epstein ran a sex trafficking ring involving girls as young as 14, systematically molesting dozens of minors by paying them for “massages” that rapidly turned into sexual abuse.

Since the arrest, unsealed documents related to the investigation and Epstein’s charges uncovered how the money guru’s employees were involved in assisting him in his sick, twisted schemes.

US District Judge Richard Berman announced in court on July 18 that he decided against Epstein’s bail request because he posted a flight risk as well as a public safety risk, and that there was a potential risk of obstruction of justice.

Wesley Snipes is Set to Play General Izzi in Coming 2 America (the sequel of course)

Awwww isshhhhh!!!!

All Coming to America fans are clapping with slow, deliberated slaps. We’re extremely stoked for the sequel to the 80’s classic to be in the works for Summer 2020. Wesley Snipes has been snubbed a new character in the film as General Izzi, “a man who rules a neighboring nation”.

Eddie Murphy is back as Prince Akeem, however this time, the plot thickens as he learns he has a long lost son in America. His mission is to go back to America to find his son to return him home for him to become the next heir to the throne.

Greg DeGuire/ Getty Images

Craig Brewer, the director best known for Hustle & Flow, is directing the project. Kevin Misher is producing via his Misher Films banner, along with Kenya Barris and Murphy.

James Earl Jones will be reprising his role as King Jaffe Joffer, according to Deadline. Additionally, Rick Ross has joined the cast, along with Paul Bates returning as Oha, Prince Akeem’s pernicious manservant and bodyguard.

Sunday evenings are best when you can sit down with dinner and your family and watch classics such as these. Movies like this have been a comedic staple in the community. Shoot, most people of color would lose their ‘Black Card’ if they couldn’t recite a line from Coming to America! So this sequel is truly anticipated.

Texas Police Under Fire in Galveston, Texas for Photo that Went Viral of Officers Walking a Black Man on a Leash While They Rode Alongside Him on a Horse

The police chief of Galveston, Texas apologized on Monday night after a photo emerged of two white officers on horseback leading a black suspect in handcuffs down the street with a rope tied to him.

A bystander took the photo and shared it on social media, where it has gone viral and sparked outrage toward the Galveston Police Department, especially among African American people.

“First and foremost, I must apologize to Mr. Neeely for this unnecessary embarrassment,” Vernon L. Hale III, the city’s police chief, said in a statement posted on the department’s Facebook page on Monday night. “Although this is a trained technique and best practice in some scenarios, I believe our officers showed poor judgement in this instance and could have waited for a transport unit at the location of arrest.” The Police Department identified the two officers as P. Brosch and A. Smith and said that the officers’ body cameras were activated at the time of the incident.

According to the chief’s statement, it it sti undetermined what type of disciplinary action has been enforced. The officers could not immediately be reached for comment late Monday.

On Tuesday, relatives of the victim came forward saying that the man is mentally ill and regularly sleeps on the streets, which is knowledge the police force were already aware of.

“My officers did not have any malicious intent at the time of the arrest, but we have immediately changed the policy to prevent the use of this technique and will review all mounted training and procedures for more appropriate methods,” Chief Hale Said. “We understand the negative perception of this action and believe it is most appropriate to cease the use of this technique. The police chief has taken immediate action to suspend this technique of transportation during arrests.” In an interview on Monday night, Leon Phillips, the president of the Galveston Coalition for Justice, called for the two officers to be fired. “If it was was a white man, he wouldn’t have been treated that way,” Mr. Phillips said. “I guarantee there’s nothing in their rules that you can put a leash on a guy while you ride down the street on a horse.” Mr. Phillips said the person who took the photo and a second image wanted to remain anonymous.

He said the imagery was raw for many African Americans.

“Every black person that’s over the age of 30 years old will have a thought of what it used to be like, said Mr. Phillips. “Younger people, they have a tendency to not get emotional about something like this. I get emotional because I cam from a segregated time, and people said and did whatever they wanted to.”