Savage Fenty V day Collection

Hello my Beautiful SleighBelles,

I was scrolling through my IG just now and looked what I saw (insert heart eye emoji)  LOL! Have you ordered yet? So, the way this works at  savage x  is that you get a free 30 day trial. After the 30 day trial, you will be charged a $49 fee, which covers your membership fee for one 12-month period.

The benefits include members only pricing, 20-25% off every style.  You also receive free shipping and returns on each order, as well as Xclusive Access (styles handpicked by Rihanna), in addition, YES, I said addition, there’s one more perk. You automatically receive $30 off your first purchase of $35 or more. Yep! If you decide to stick around after your free 30 day trial, you receive all the benefits I just named for one year, after which, you renew your yearly fee of $49.

Deal or nah? I say DEAL. RiRi, you done good sis.

This is a hell of a deal. I’m super excited to have access to styles that she’s handpicked herself. Super cool!! I can definitely use  all the help I can get, when it comes to picking out a style. Although I enjoy styling and putting together a fire outfit, on my daily runs n routines, I don’t feel like having to think too hard.

Most days I’m rushing, working, and running behind my spoil brat kids lol. So Yall’ let me know if you have tried any Savage X Fenty  pieces yet. And what do you have planned for Valentines day? I haven’t too much thought about it. For me, it will be a regular day. Of course, I always do a little something with and for my 3 girls. Their dad, my ex husband of 14 years is deceased (2016 new years eve). So I always try to make sure I acknowledge the endless love I have for them, especially since he is gone. But I’d love to know what your plans are. Maybe when I get a boo, I can learn some tips from yall that have one. LOL, because this new aged dating scene is the worst, but anyhoo that’s a whole other topic. And it is getting late but I just had to see what was up with this Savage Fenty X hunty! Like I said, I’m gonna phuck with it. Lemme know your thoughts. Good night Sleighbelles. xoxoxo

“We only use our powers for good”

-Hidden Agenda

Hey yall

I know I’ve been gone awhile. Life can overextend itself sometimes and take you on roller coasters that are not expected. So please forgive me for not being present like I would like. How have you been holding up? I’m looking forward to starting a new year, to leaving 2018 behind, all of it. I learned so many lessons, lost some friends, had to take detours from plans I had made, and took some losses I didn’t think I would recover from. But as always, I bounce back and come back even stronger.

I feel like I am just beginning to slowly get back on the bandwagon of some normalcy again. So here I am, getting back in the game. If I had to leave 2018 with one motto it would be. ‘Learn the lessons and move on’. I’m learning to look at my failures as new beginnings and lessons to learn for the continuation and next phase of the journey.

So with that said, I won’t be before you long. I’m not feeling long winded, just wanted to pop in and let you know I’m coming back. Thanks for your support and your silent presence in my life. I’m more grateful for my true friends and those that are always rooting me on, even from afar.

Sometimes we don’t always have the time to pick up the phone and have a conversation with those that we love and care about as much as we would like. But those who truly understand you will still be there for you and understand that you have to take mental breaks for yourself.

So take care loves and as always I’m rooting for each and every person who takes the time to read my blog. Wishing you loads of love, happiness and success my loves. xoxoxoxoxo

War Room

Hey Love’s!

So I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent release of a film called War Room, and from what I hear…its about a woman who meets a client that shares with her the power of prayer.

I actually do plan to rent the movie just havent gotten around to it yet. Anyhoo….. so a family member shared with me how a guy she is dating suggested she try this practice. She told me bout the quick turnaround of results once she tried it. I mean….like jackpot miracles…that she had written down in her prayer closet and they were manifested within a week’s time. Right!

So here I am a couple of months later, after trying it myself and it truly does work. It is powerful and very spiritual and sacred. I find myself in my prayer closet not only at designated times that I’ve assigned myself, but even outside of those times. Prayers come into my heart, I write them down, place them on the wall and pray over them and leave them there. Its like my own little altar that I can literally run to whenever I feel the urge to show my gratitude or to communicate with God about an issue, thought or idea.

I put pictures of my little ones as I am always praying fiercely for them, their protection, etc. Make your space a peaceful, comforting, inviting space to talk to God, preferrably with a door. You’ll want to make sure your space has a door or some sort of divider to block out distractions. I only have my walk in closet as an extra space for it right now until I clean out my basement storage. We won’t get into that foolery chile.

However, any relationship that you want to grow, you must put some effort into cultivating it. And so it is with your relationship with the Creator. Its no different. Put a little energy and creativity in your spiritual journey and watch God do the impossible in your life.

I can remember Destiny’s Child album title ‘The Writing’s on the Wall’. Turns out whole time they were on to something and had wisdom “beyond their years”. The Bible also talks about ‘writing the vision down amd making it plain’. Welp, here it is. Clear cut and super easy to do. I’ve fallen in love with this prayer life thing, it gives me comfort and peace like no other.

A lot of times I find myself in there thanking Him for the prayers He’s already answered. Once those prayers are answered, I move them to the other side of the wall. You cam find thess sticky notes in Dollar Tree, Staples, Target, places like that.

If you’re looking to turn your life around, or to boost your prayer life by 1000, this practice is a must try. Thank me later. 😘

A “muse”ment Park Day!!

future 2MUSE- A source of artistic inspiration

Hey yall!! How has your week been going? For me, it’s a rainy Tuesday, and it was  a struggle to get through the day. I was so damn tired but thankfully I made it through.  It was all good  tho because I was able to take off from work the rest of the week to be able to chaperone my daughters outdoor ed camping trip with her school. You remember those trips? In middle school? I didn’t go because at the time I was in private school, but I heard about it and I feel like I’ve lived through it lol. Keep reading for the outfit deets!! Cant you tell I had I fun shooting this photo session lol? I’ve posted the photographers IG info below too, he’s the best.

Soooooo…..girl how bout I wanted you to check out this jacket created by Reckless & Artistic. Baybeeeeee……the unicorn alone sends the magic all by herself. I promise you when I wear this jacket my creative juices flow like a river.  Ideas by the boatload come into me . It’s incredible. I learned about Muses when I read the life changing book by Steven Pressfield, “A War of Art”. The nine muses in Greek mythology were goddesses of the arts and sciences, and were daughters of Zeus, the king of the gods. There’s a name for each muse depending on the type of artistry. In the book , I learned that our muse helps us to kill that mental roadblock that keeps us from moving towards our ambition.

Self deception and corruption are cousins to what Steven Pressfield explains as resistance. Procrastination is the biggest manifestation of resistance. In the religious/spiritual realm, we identify it as “the enemy”, or “the devil. In quantum physics, we call it ‘resistance’.  Keep in mind, resistance isn’t biased, it doesn’t know you personally.  But resistance knocks on everyone’s door and that’s what your muse is there for, to assist you in breaking through the lies we tell ourselves as to why we are not living out our dreams.

Go get your futuristic robotic sunglasses at

Wearing my Muse on my back…literally.

Everyone deals with some type of stronghold or guilty pleasure that keeps you from ‘doing your work’. We as artists (writer, singer, designer, blogger, MUA…the list goes on and on) face all levels of resistance. Not ‘doing your work’, not living out your dreams can literally kill you a lot faster than you think. So, DO YOU!! No matter what anyone else thinks. Because this dash (called life) we are living from the start to our finish aint long. So live everyday as tho it were your last. As a quote from my  baby sister Bee (as we affectionately call her)says on my vision board in my room ……”TRN THE FCK UP…..oh and I love u”.  She handed me this card before my flight to the DR a couple years ago. It meant so much and it was so personal to me I decided to keep this portion of the card as an everyday reminder on my vision board.  And  so I pass these loving words to you too sis. xoxoxoxoxo


kk….till next time luvs….you already know I’m sending you buckets of peace and prosperity.  Leave your thoughts, comments, questions below. Talk with you soon!!

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Outfit Details

Chanel ChainBag: STUDIO59

Jeans: ROSS

Futuristic Sunglasses: STUDIO59

MUSE Customized leather jacket: Reckless & Artistic

Earrings: Macys Backstage


Photographer: D’Angelo Andrews