Ooops! We Thought Love Won But….NOT! Ray J And His Wife, Princess Love Reportedly Have Not Gotten Back Together.

These past two weeks we’ve watched a real life soap opera on social media. Unfortunately, Ray J and wife of three years, Princess Love suffered major falling out between the couple so much so that Princess Love took to her live Instagram to shame her hubby and baby daddy, claiming he abandoned her and their one year old daughter while they were attending the Soul Train Awards as a family in Vegas.

Ray J recorded his wife doing a photoshoot for Instagram so people assumed they were back together. On November 27, TMZ reported that Princess Love and Ray J we’re back together in LA, but that Love still wanted a divorce.

According to the Jasmine Brand, they have not reconciled.

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theJasmineBRAND exclusively reports that #PrincessLove and #RayJ are not discussing getting back together, and have not inked their own show on VH1, despite claims by other reports. The two, who currently star in the network’s “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood,” had several heated moments on social media after Princess Love accused Ray J of leaving her and their daughter Melody Love stranded in Las Vegas earlier this month. See the recap of that here. Just days later, reports swirled that the two were thinking about getting back together and fixing their marriage through couples therapy. Now, an insider close to the couple has told theJasmineBRAND that … Full story on

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Currently, Ray J’s Instagram account is wiped blank. Completely empty. He’s deleted everything off of his account so what type of games are being played here?

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But then People reported that Ray J was spotted without his wedding ring. Princess Love husband was seen getting on a flight at LAX, after he told TMZ that he and his wife were reconciling and seeking counseling. So who really knows… hopefully they are working things out without everyone in their business. Sometimes we have to isolate ourselves and our relationship to keep it sacred.

Brandy Takes Her Brother, Ray J’s Side In Feud With His Wife, Princess Love. On Top Of Everything Else, But Princess Love Shaded n Dragged A Troll On Her IG Post 👀😩

Been wondering where Princess Love’s in-laws have been during the family feud with hubby? Wondering why Grandma or whatever Brandy and Ray J’s kids call their grandma? And what about auntie? Where had she been in all the mix?Why hasn’t anyone come to her rescue and purchased an airline ticket for Princess and Melody? Welp, aunty has finally spoken, “I love you brother and I know exactly who you are! You stay strong and I got you no matter what,” wrote the Moesha star on Ray J’s most recent post saying his wife took things too far and beckoning his wife to forgive and hug it out.

The internet went into an uproar when Brandy posted this comment on Ray J’s response to Princess post, asking for her forgiveness and to keep things tight between them.

One fan wasn’t too happy about Brandy’s support of her brother, saying, “@4everbrandy your true colors showing. That’s not your place brother or not! That’s his wife and you should respect her”.

@therealdlhughley commented on the post, “💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿”.

Someone commented, “RAY J ALREADY KNOW PRINCESS SNAPBACK GAME ON 1 TRILLION…SOOO HE ABOUT TO BE LOOKING CRAZY IN 5,4,3,2….😔” Then, chiiiillwww…. a chick by name of @bossladynick chimes in with “Vent to your friends not to us honey”

Princess Love snapped back, “@bossladynick I don’t follow you honey”.

Someone else commented “Damn…ray we were rooting your ass man smh😠”

Funny thing is…this is not the first family feud between the four. Back in March 2018, just two months before Ray J and Princess Love’s daughter Melody was born, Princess was pretty pissed at her mom and sister in law for not showing up to her baby shower. The reason? Brandy and her mom were salty for the fact that Princess posted some tweets that seemed to take a jab at Ray J and they weren’t feeling it. The post wrote, ‘If you’re going to stay with a man, do it because that’s what you truly want. Never stay because of children. When they grow up, then what???” Love tweeted in January before deleting the post.

Two months later during the time of the babyshower, her in-laws apparently had a hard time forgiving the post from the past. According to source, Sonja and Brandy demanded an apology from Princess which resulted in Princess going awwff, telling her in laws to mind their business and claimed they couldn’t give their two cents on their relationship when they’re own had fallen apart.”

Brandy tried to justify her absence from he neice’s baby shower but Love was not trying to hear it!

“Congrats to my brother and sister on their baby and baby shower”, she wrote. “I’m very excited to be an auntie. So sorry I missed this moment with the both of you. I had a show in Hampton, Va., on the same day but I’m so glad I was able to push my flight back for the gender reveal the day before. There’s nothing here but love and no matter what anyone says we are family and we will always be’, Brandy wrote.

Love apprently wasn’t buying it and fired shots at her sis in law, STFU posting this. I should post what you just texted me”.

According to The Shade Room, Princess Love posted a comment from @melodylove’s Instagram page, posting” Filing for divorce when I get back to LA”.

Princess Love Says She Doesn’t Want To Be Married To Ray J Anymore…”I m Liable To Be Alone At Any Given Moment”.

Poor Princess Love…this is really sad…that she feels really hopeless at a time like this when her man and baby daddy should be by her side. Last night, she hopped on her IG live to tell fans that she is still stuck in Vegas since attending the Soul Train Awards together with husband and daughter earlier this week.  She admitted in a heartfelt video message that she no longer wanted to be married. As shes holding their beautiful daughter in her arms, she admits, “Everytime we get into an argument, he alludes to getting a divorce, or says, ‘As long as I get to see my kids.

It’s like…’Why you gotta take it there?” She says.  She continues, “With the way you just get up and leave and dissapear, I gotta get back to LA and I gotta get my mind right before this baby comes because with the way YOU move…I’m liable to be alone at any given moment.”

So he says, “Well I’m preparing to be alone too, as long as I can see my kids Monday through Wednesday.” I said, “Okay we can just be separated then”. He says, ‘Not before I file first”.

“The conversation got really really ugly. We started like you know…getting real disrespectful and then so he blocked me.” “So…I couldn’t call him, couldn’t get in contact with him, it was time for me to check out the room.”

“He left, he never came back. Didn’t tell me where he was going, never heard from him…so I had to check out the next day. So we ended up checking out of the hotel cuz it was time to check out and then I end up checking into another hotel. We are not where Ray is”.

She goes on to say, “I still have not talked to him, he still has not unblocked me, and he has not called to check on me or Melody”. “And…. so wer’e just here, and my car is here, and I’m trying to figure out a way to drive my car back because I’m over eight months pregnant, and I have to pee every thirty minutes and I don’t wanna have to stop in the middle of nowhere driving from Vegas to LA , that’s a four and a half, five hour drive. So, that, you guys is everything that happened. I put that on my kids.”

“All started because of an argument when I told him  I did’nt wanna move to LA”.

She finishes by saying, “We’ll see what happens when I get back to LA, but I don’t wanna be married anymore. Period.”

To be continued….keep them in your prayers.


Princess Love Shades ‘Ugly’ Husband Ray J: You ‘Left Me & Daughter Melody Stranded in Vegas’

The daughter of Ray J and Princess Love was born on Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 2:52 PT.

“This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life,” Ray told OK! exclusively after Melody entered the world. “Im so glad my daughter is finally here!And I can’t wait to begin life as a dad.” Fast forward a whole year and pregnancy later. Princess Love, L&HHH star who is also Ray J’s wife is currently pregnant with their second child (a boy) called her hubby out for leaving her and their one year old daughter Melody Love, stranded in Vegas after attending the Soul Train Awards together as a family.

However the next day after the award show, Ray J posted a family picture and Princess Love was not here for it! This is what she said:

Since then, Ray J has deleted the picture he had posted. She did further explain her point of view in an Instagram post, saying,” Yes, I can fly home…I have my own money. But my car is here and I don’t want to drive back alone with my daughter because I’m over 8 months pregnant and I don’t even want to have to stop for gas or go into labor with all of this human trafficking going on”.

Understandable right? If you’re a woman and you’ve birthed s child, I’m sure you can relate. Who wants to drive a 4-5 hour road trip with a toddler while they’re 8 mos. pregnant?? She’s currently still stuck in Vegas at another hotel since she claims she had to check out of the first one. Story is still developing.