Sorry I’ve Been Kinda MIA- But Hidden Agenda Isn’t Going Anywhere-Thanks to My Rock Hard Supporters.


Hidden Agenda Blog wants to publicly apologize for not posting as much as we would like lately. I’ve been dealing with a death in the family. Life. And then Kobe’s sudden death and the seven others on the plane is just too much to bare. Then Vanessa, his wife has really been on mind heavy. Knowing I too have a thirteen year old daughter. I’ve literally just been breaking down crying. My heart aches for her and the loss of her husband. Those other families, too who died in the crash just break my heart. And they have my deepest sympathy.

Then you know you gotta clown in the bunch somewhere.

Allan Shaffir AKA Donkey of The Week. Where is Charlamayne? I hope he has this clown on his (ish) list. Shaffir decides on the day of Kobe’s death, he tweets a selfie video saying, ” Kobe Bryant died 23 years ago late today. He got away with rape because all the Hollywood liberals who attack comedy enjoy rooting for the Lakers more than they dislike rape. Big ups to the hero who forgot to gas up his chopper. I hate the Lakers. What a great day!”

This imbecile claims it was a joke and he didn’t mean it. Go play in traffic with that BS.

Because he posted yet another video that he later deleted with his coward ass, “Kobe’s death was a ‘good story’ because the ” the guy got away with rape”. Like I stated previously, the bamma deleted the post but the damage had already been done. He was due to perform at a comedy club in New York, they dropped him and refused to never in the future do business with him because the club received threats about his punk statement. The public wasn’t going for it. And I’m glad.

But anyhoo the main point I want to get across is that I appreciate you all hanging in there with me. Please tell me other content you want to see hiddenagenda talk about. I’m listening. Keep me in your prayers as I am always praying for you. Muuaahhhh xoxoxo

T.I. Feels Extorted Attending Jamal Bryant’s Church


This past Sunday, T. I, Tiny and 2 Chaiz attended Kanye’s service at Newbirth Missionary Church, where Jamal Bryant is the new pastor of deceased Eddie Longs church.

The pastor at The New Birth Missionary Church heard through the grape vine that they had ought with how he handled the offering at the church once he noted the famous, wealthy celebs were seated in the front pew at the service.

Pastor Jamal Bryant took to his Instagram to issue an apology. The Rapper, T. I. sat down with Killer Mike to discuss his grievous experience at the church on his podcast, ExpediTIously.

Bill Cosby Bonding with Inmates and Giving Life Lessons and Lectures


Bill Cosby is dishing out the advice to his fellow inmates. According to his publicist, Andrew Wyatt, he does about four lectures weekly at the Montgomery County prison, where he’s currently serving his 3-10 year sentence for alledgedly drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand.

As part of his sentence, he’s ordered to a lifetime of mandatory sex offender counseling, lifetime registration as sex offender, as well as notification that sexual predator lives in the neighborhood. While paying his debt back to society, he’s turned over a new leaf by lecturing the inmates on behalf of a group called “Man Up”, which prepares inmates for real world living once released from parole.

His aim is to encourage the your men to spend time with family and to be a role model for their children by never coming back to prison . He’s been preachin for about 3 months now, with an audience of over 100 prisoners present.

On Father’s Day, he sent out a message to dad’s on his Instagram page, encouraging father’s worldwide to strengthen our “families and communities”. In February Wyatt told NBC10 that the all American father figure was having an ‘amazing experience’ and “mentally strong” in prison.

“These are the types of men he has wanted to get his messages across to for years, and now he has a totally captive audience”, said his spokesman. Welp, I guess Bill Cosby is loving his best life….as best as he can. Whatever works…..