“Lil Yachty Breaks Down How He WROTE The City Girls #1 Song Act Up “I Know What Women Want To Hear”

There’s been a global side eye to Lil Yachty as we find out he ‘s the culprit behind the lyrics of the City Girl’s top hit ‘Act Up’.¬† A few weeks ago, Kerwin Frost interviewed Lil Yachty. If you don’t know who Lil Yachty is, he was born Miles Parks McCollom, August 23, 1997. He […]

Beyonce Signs Deal with Adidas and Gives us Run the World Tease on her IG

Earlier this month, on April 4 Beyonce and Adidas signed a collaborative deal for athleisure wear. Sources say the deal will include a line of footwear as well as other lifestyle and performance based products. Bey’s Ivy Park line with be rebranded as well. Jay Z’s wife is serving as a “creative partner” for the […]

She Just Might Be a Black Bill Gates in the Makin’!!! #PatMcGrath that is!!!

Just five days after Forbes magazine¬† released their American Richest Self Made Women list, Pat McGrath’s makeup company joined the iconic list of Black owned billion dollar businesses. She launched the makeup line in 2016, and in just two years skyrocketed to a successful billion dollar brand. The only other authorized seller is Sephora. Her […]