Kyle Rittenhouse Says He’s Suing LeBron And Whoopi


Kyle Rittenhouse might want to read Constitutional Rights. He’s claiming to form a group that fights legally against reporters; essentially claiming that because some didn’t agree with his sentencing, he wants to sue for defamation of character. Starting off with LeBron James; Rittenhouse said. The teenager who killed two men; and injured a third at an anti-racism protest in Kenosha; was acquitted on all charges last year. But not after he got on the witness stand and cried.

LeBron James found it hilarious that a white boy who killed two unarmed people could get on the witness stand; make himself the victim and get off scotch free. The NBA player tweeted that Kyle Rittenhouse ate some sour candy called lemonheads; before getting on the witness stand to make himself cry those privileged tears.

As previously reported, Rittenhouse was charged with 2 counts of homicide, 1 count of attempted homicide, in addition to other charges. During two lengthy sit-down interviews; one with a podcast called Turning Point USA; where he said he was going after all the people who defamed him; before and during his criminal trial. And then another on Fox News with Tucker Carlson:

“Me and my team have decided to launch the Media Accountability Project,” Rittenhouse said, “as a tool to help fundraise and hold the media accountable for the lies they say and deal with them in court”.

He continues, “Politicians, celebrities, athletes. Whoopi Goldberg’s on the list. She called me a murderer after I was acquitted by a jury of my peers,” Rittenhouse said. “I don’t want to see anybody else have to deal with what I went through; so I want to hold them accountable for what they did to me.”
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Joshua Ziminski-Fired Gun In Air Just Before Kyle Rittenhouse Killed


Today was the genesis of the trial for Joshua Ziminski; whose name has been sprinkled throughout the Kyle Rittenhouse case. During the Kyle Rittenhouse case; he tried to say he thought Ziminski was firing his weapon at him. However Ziminski had fuzzy drone video footage that showed Rittenhouse aiming his rifle at Ziminski; prompting him to fire his weapon as a warning. This happened just seconds before Rittenhouse killed someone and injured another.

Joshua Ziminiski

Ziminski was charged on October 9, 2020 with arson; and a misdemeanor count of dangerous use of a weapon; after firing off a ‘warning’ shot on August 25, 2020; during the Kenosha protest after the Jacob Blake shooting. According to a Wisconsin news outlet, Ziminski is sometimes known as Alex Blaine.

Joshua Ziminski Is Charged With Firing His Gun In The Air

He was re-arrested in court on Monday. However, an email from the court indicated that jury selection had been postponed; and rescheduled for Monday, March 28. Ziminski has a pre-trial hearing scheduled for Feb. 25. To this end; the opposing attorneys argue that their client; who is one of the photographers at the Kenosha protest; is afraid of Ziminski. Claiming that Ziminski allegedly made threats about taking his pictures from him. Thus, rescheduling the trial for the later date.

According to WTMJTV; there are some lingering lawsuits. Jacob Blake filed a federal lawsuit against the officer who shot him, and a civil lawsuit has been filed by Gaige Grosskreutz and the parents of Anthony Huber. Both men were shot by Rittenhouse, and Huber died. They are suing Kenosha law enforcement.

Kyle Rittenhouse Instagram Account Disabled


Just days after the privileged Kenosha killer was acquitted of killing two people; and injuring a third; Kyle Rittenhouse had just gotten his Instagram account reinstated following the dreary long, biased trial.

“Hey @instgram why did you disable my account again?!” Rittenhouse wrote on Twitter Friday morning.


“Instagram, I did nothing wrong. Why can’t I use my account?!” he added, sharing screenshots of his disabled account.


An Instagram spokesperson told Newsweek that Rittenhouse’s account was “mistakenly” removed for a short period but has now been reinstated. Apparently, Instagram isn’t the only thing he wants reinstated. The 18 year old is also seeking his firearm to be reinstated.

On Wednesday his attorney, Mark Richards; filed court documents in Kenosha county seeking the return of the AR-15-style rifle Rittenhouse used on the evening of 25 August 2020; along with other items.

Kyle Rittenhouse Requests His Other Possessions Back

Seems he’s trying to rub his privilege in our faces at this point. Crazy thing is…. he’s serious too. Because we all know if his skin were dark; he would be sitting in jail right now as we speak. Furthermore; although the rifle Rittenhouse used belonged to a friend; Rittenhouse’s attorneys now maintain he is the gun’s lawful owner “per the verbal contract enacted” with the friend; Dominick Black. Yes, he said VERBAL contract. This said contract is not even in writing.

“As established through the trial testimony of Dominick Black and Mr Rittenhouse; the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle … was purchased by Dominick Black but was to become the legal property of Kyle Rittenhouse upon his 18th birthday,” Richards’ filing said.

I guess we just change the rules as we go along; at this point. He was literally not of age when he showed up to the protest in August in Kenosha; killed and injured innocent people; got off on “self-defense” and is now asking for the guns back. Will he find a way to sue and get some money to buy more, too? SMH

Kyle Rittenhouse Is Not Nor Was He Ever A Trained Cop

People say the men that Rittenhouse killed were criminals, however it wasn’t his place to take the law in his own hands, especially being underage to even purchase a firearm. It was just all wrong.

Nonetheless; he claims he wants the guns back so he can properly destroy them. But I’m sure the investigators and the people who are equipped to handle those arenas will be more than capable of doing their jobs; to properly dispose of the ‘evidence.’ I’m 100 percent certain they don’t need Rittenhouse’s help. Just like they didn’t need his help to be a volunteer police at the protest in Kenosha. The police that are trained and paid can handle their jobs quite fine.

“Mr. Rittenhouse further wishes to ensure that the firearm in question is properly destroyed,” attorney Mark Richards writes in the document filed in Kenosha County Circuit Court.

Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict Sets Off Global Protests


After two weeks of deliberation, the jurors found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all five counts of murder. The jurors initally had some concerns about the instructions on making the decision. One of the jurors even asked the judge if taking the  instructions were permissible, and he obliged.

Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse shot two people at a protest for Jacob Blake on August 25, 2020. A 17 year old with an AR-15 showed up and got into two altercations, and shot and killed them.

Outside a local church, pastors led residents in a prayer vigil Friday night, with some toting signs that said “Heal Kenosha.”

The fact that he got off with committing the murders scotch free has raised eyebrows and sparked controversy globally. Fearing future acquittals of vigilante, protestors were triggered. Because most of us know that if Kyle was of another decent or skintone, he would have gone to jail, hands down. But here he is, doing conferences, podcasts and gaining the nods of legislatives and conservatives.

Recently, he received a standing ovation at a conference. “You’re a hero to millions,” Turning Point USA leader Charlie Kirk told Rittenhouse during the group’s AmericaFest gathering in Phoenix. “It’s an honor to be able to have you.”Since being found not guilty of all five charges against him in his murder trial he has received support from Republican politicians and conservatives.