Black News Channel Coming Soon

With all the disheartening news going on in the world, it serves us well to hear something positive. Set to launch Feb 10 at 6 a.m., the history making begins. The Black News Channel is the ‘baby’of Oklahoma’s former U.S. Rep J. C. Watts, who is currently chairman of the J.C. Watts Companies a multi-industryContinue reading “Black News Channel Coming Soon”

Black Mom/Teacher Releases Children’s Book About the HBCU Homecoming Experience

Who doesn’t love the sound of the drummers and the marching band parading through the football field, crisp fresh fall air, and grilled turkey legs?? Well, this young lady by the name of La-Donia Alford-Jeffries decided to relay her experience to kids all across the world. She put that experience into a book, titled ‘Homecoming’.Continue reading “Black Mom/Teacher Releases Children’s Book About the HBCU Homecoming Experience”