Joe Budden Comes Out As Bisexual


Joe Budden made a peculiar announcement on his podcast that has the internet buzzing and perplexed.

Most people didn’t know who Joe Budden was until Logic dissed him calling him the worst rapper ever. But most people know the rapper from his 2003 hit single, “Pump It Up”from the movie ‘2Fast 2Furious’.

“I’m bisexual,” he literally said on today’s episode of his podcast. “How do I spread this news? How do I spread the word? Yo, listen, I like guys and girls. Spread the word. I’m down.”

However, his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose gave her 2 cents by denying that her ex likes both sexes, nonetheless vouching that he is violent towards women, though.

Tahiry Reacts to her Ex, Joe Budden’s ‘Coming Out’ announcement on his podcast

“Joey may be a women beater but far from Bi…”, she tweeted.

When social media got word of his revelation, Budden encouraged everyone to keep the chatter going.

“Ahhhhhhh, i see the word got out!!,” he shared on Twitter. “Continue to spread the word pls.”

Did He Really Mean What He Said?

So, he was discussing the situation on his podcast and comparing it to mafia extortion, basically he was saying the gay community sort of black mailed Dababy by cancelling his performances and such for an apology. So that’s when Joe came out to be facetious as a preventative tactic against him being cancelled by  the LBGTQ community.

Joe Budden

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Tammy Rivera Sparks Investigation On CVS Alleged Discrimination


Tammy Rivera has rang the alarm on this CVS and she is not letting up. Pissed to the highest level of pisstivity, Waka Flocka’s wife is trending after she went live on IG in an obviously highly passionate energy. Thus, going off on an employee, who was standing there laughing. Tammy feels she was being racially profiled at her own neighborhood drugstore in Dekalb, County GA. Claiming the employees are aware that she’s a regular customer, as she said, on Sunday, the CVS employee ‘followed her from aisle to aisle’.

The West Baltimore native says that from her own periperal, she watched the woman ‘watch’ her the entire time. Nonetheless triggered, she felt the woman eyeballed her open up a package before purchasing it. Then, she says the employee started telling her ‘dont do that’. Tammy felt it was the employee’s deliverance of words, not so much the words themselves.

However, the scene didn’t explode until the employee asked Tammy to leave the store, chile.

Tammy Called Corporate!

She voiced her complaint to CVS’s corporate office about her experience on Sunday. The GM quickly returned her call and apologized to her for the mismanagement of the store that night. A rep for CVS told has a “firm non-discrimination policy” and it’s committed to ensuring that all customers are “treated with respect and are offered courteous customer service.” Additionally, they’ve launched an investigation, according to the rep.

Tammy Rivera

Although she’s made it clear she doesn’t want the woman fired, her desire is for the woman to get more training and education. Tammy says that she’s probably not the first woman of color that woman had done that to.

Poor Tammy…she recently allegendy split from her rapper hubby of eight years. They got married in 2014, the same year they both aired on ‘Love & Hip Hop:Atlanta together.

The cute couple had their own reality show, ‘Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka’. Cameras followed their everyday ups and downs during the show. Super cute on camera, but apparently in real life things werent so great. Even on the show, Tammy admitted dissapointed in her husbands cheating. But, Waka did show remorse for his actions and reaffirmed that Tammy would always be the one for him.

But Hold Up!

Tammy revealed in 2018 that her husband was not the only one who had stepped out on the marriage. Even still, the couple pushed forward to save their relationship, renewing their vows in 2019. But in 2020, a message he posted to his wife on her birthday, was a little too dry and sent fans suspecting. In September 2020, Waka’s mom showed her loyalty to her son in the matter, regardless. Claiming that her son would indeed be ‘just fine’, divorced or not. Someone on IG in the comment section said that Tammy’s DM’s were gonna be lit. And Deb, Waka’s mom, said, “He will be happy also”.

How Black People Cultivated The $500M Live Streaming Audio Social App Clubhouse


If you haven’t heard all the buzz going around on social media, there’s a new celebrity based app called Clubhouse.

Taking Off Like a Rocket ship

However, Clubhouse is still a private owned company. Last year the invite only app was worth 100 million dollars. Beginning with only about 15,000 users (who were mostly venture capitalists who invested in the company) to now 5 million users!

The app went from 100 million dollar valuation to a one billion dollar valuation over the course of a just a few months. Clubhouse founders Paul Davison and former Google engineer, Rohan Seth have clearly hit a jackpot, with the app surpassing both Twitter and Facebook.

“Communities of color drive the cultural conversation and a lot of the initial wealth creation for apps like Clubhouse” said VC investor, Mersabi Ven.

How It All Started

So then a niche black community started thriving on the app which drove buzz for Clubhouse outside the app. In December during the holidays, Broadway New York City was still closed due to Covid-19 pandemic. Being out of work, six Black artists presented the entire Lion King musical in a single clubhouse room. The show was a hit all with 40 actors hitting the 5k viewing max in the room.

What’s All The Hype

Clubhouse embodies a plethora of space catering to the Black experience. You’ll find rooms like the Black Beauty Club, and the Black Bit coin Billionaires. However, you can only use the app if you’re an iPhone user. Upon entering, you have the option to start a chat-room, accept an invitation to come to the stage and speak or host a discussion. The room disappears once the discussion is over. Don’t be surprised to find moderators in the rooms like Jill Scott or Les Brown.

With the entrepreneur stats rising, many users join in hopes to gain networking opportunities and business advice. Last week Kanye West was in one of the rooms, talking to Tesla Chief, Elon Musk.

Jimmy Smacks Explains Getting Caught With A Transgendered


Today Beyonce’s internet was shook when a video of only fans star Jimmy Smacks responded to a released, then quickly deleted video of himself sucking the peen of a transgendered woman.

Widely known for his OnlyFans content, he came into the limelight from dating Miami rapper Trina. They were dating this year it seems and broke up due to Trina allegedly cheating.

Where Did Jimmy Smacks Come From

Born in New York and raised in Miami, Smacks is a 30 year old entrepreneur. Even though his street cred has earned him a rep of an (ex) scammer, he’s made a name for himself by essentially exploring his sexuality. Consequently, he’s known to do wild sex challenges and a ladies man to say the least. Some of the videos he’s posted on his Instagram and OnlyFans show him chillin with big behind midgets.

Nonetheless, the material he posts is unusual sexual fantasy type of things. But the video (he says he released himself and wasn’t leaked) ‘took the cake’. Well….no pun intended.

After the video was leaked, Young Thug slid in Smacks DM’s to ask him a question about his gag flex.

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Jimmy Smacks & Young Thug

I ain’t gay but I’m just saying I saw the video and I’m tryna see what’s brackin cuz he look like he put in work” — Thugger

He goes on to say, “You can record and put it on your onlyfans just block my face out so my girl won’t know it’s me, like I said bruh I ain’t gay but a mouth is a mouth” — Thugger

Furthermore, he’s apparently, he’s smashed Akademiks girlfriend and boasted about it on social media, claiming that he leaked a sex tape of the event, where he also gave her a golden shower in said video. Dude is wild; to say the least. At the end of the Instagram clip,he makes it clear that he doesn’t have a ‘type’, in fact, summoning Lizzo.

Did Jimmy Smacks Do Too Much?

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Did we need to see Jimmy’s deep throat stroke?