Elder Who Was A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Shot His Wife And Killed Himself After She Delivered A Powerful Word

I hope that people can wake up and stop idolozing man and have a true relationship with God for yourself. I’m not bashing anyone who chooses to attend church regularly and have a pastor or overseer or Bishop or even for some a “Daddy”….but come on, when man begins to fail you, you rebuke that man openly in love and seek God’s direction for your life.

This story is the perfect example of a wolf in sheeps clothing. These stories just get crazier and crazier.

Moral of the story is….Be careful who you follow!Anyhoo, the story goes like this, Pastor Derek Gandy remembers how high in the spirit everyone was at the True Cornerstone Church in Mobile, Alabama on Friday night after prophetess Alisha Woodard was done preaching.”She was the speaker that night and she did a fantastic job. The church was so animated and inspired.

Everybody was high in the Holy Ghost”, Gandy told The Christian Post Wednesday “We just had an incredible worship experience that night. It was just fire from Heaven”.It was the second night of the 2020 Women of God Through Promise Conference at True Cornerstone Church and prophetess Woodard, described by Gandy and his wife Kula, as a woman in her 20’s who recently graduated from college, brought a powerful message.

That night, said Kula, Woodard preached from 2 Kings in the Bible about the story of Elisha the prophet and the Shunammite woman.

In the story, the Shunammite woman shows great hospitality to Elisha so as a reward he prophesies that she would have a son to add to her childless marriage. She gives girth a year later and her son grows up. He eventually gets sick one day and dies, grieving the mother. She then goes back to Elisha for help and the prophet brings her son back to life.”She was talking about how the Shunammite woman didn’t ask for the son that she received, but when she received that blessing she fought for the blessing that she received from the man of God and how even when she went to get the man of God, when the servant even asked how she was doing, she said it’s well. So kept the faith, she kept pushing on and going on, and when she got to the man of God she just reminded him,”Kula said .

“She was just encouraging us all that even when things like death is all around, even when it seems like the blessing does not look like it’s gonna be there, just keep on pressing toward it.”Little did the prophetess know that she would be wrestling with her own death just moments after this message was delivered, and at the hands of her own husband. The Mobile Police Department said in a statement that at approximately 11:23 p.m. on Friday, they responded to the church on Halls Mill Road after receiving a report about a person being shot. The suspect involved reportedly fled the scene as police arrived. He was pursued by authorities and subsequently returned to the church. As officers approached his vehicle, however, the suspect shot himself. His car then crashed into the church. He was pronounced dead at the scene while his wife was taken to a local hospital where she is recovering. Pastor Gandy did confirm that he noticed over the past two weeks the couple seemed a bit estranged toward each other. “It (the estrangement) was very fresh,” said Gandy. Elder Woodard was Gandy’s good friend and mechanic who always knew how to make him and his sons laugh.

The late Elder Ulysses Woodard/FacebookWhat happened on Friday, he said, he never saw coming. Elder Woodard, he said, “Wasn’t a monster”. “I didn’t see this coming…I didn’t see this coming.

He wasn’t a monster, at least not that I’ve ever seen, “he said. Without disclosing intricate details, Gandy explained that his friend had “vented” to him about things in his relationship that he thought could have been helped with counseling but saw “nothing that would lead to this” – that his friend would shoot his wife in the chest while standing right next to him. Gandy explained that on Frieday night he as the last person to get out of the church when Elder Woodard approached him.”When I went outside, he just said, ‘Pastor, can I talk to my wife please? And I said, ‘Sure, thats your wife.’ And he never said anything to anyone. He did not stress anyone. He did not disrespect anyone. He never raised his voice at all,” Gandy said.

Prophetess Alisha Woodard ( right) and her late husband Elder Ulysses Woodard

He said as he locked the door of the church he saw the elder and his wife talking. Everyone else had already left the church for the night except the Gandys and three of their children, two church members who were traveling with them, as well as the prophetess.Pastor Gandy said when he tried to offer the prophetess a ride home after noticing things appeared to be getting heated between her and her husband, things got worse.’My initial response was I got back out of my car and I said to them, ‘Let me take her home.’ We were gonna give her a ride home. We had picked her up for our service,” he said.He said he eventually left the couple alone because he didn’t want to “get involved in domestic issues”.”I sat in the car to wait for her to finish talking. But then when she started screaming, hollering, let go, stop, then he had come over,” Gandy said. Prophetess Woodard was trying to get away to get into Gandy’s car but her husband grabbed her arm.”He managed to keep her in his grasp and he managed to get to his car and thats where he had his weapon,” Gandy explained.When asked if that’s when Elder Woodard shot his wife, he said, “Yes”.When asked where he was at that point, he said: “I was in my car. The door was open. We pulled on against the weapon, standing right next to me. And he shot her in the chest. I had had my daughter so when he shot her I pulled off to the other side of the building. “Pastor Gandy says he and his family are trying to recover and heal from the incident, currently seeking counseling for his children.

“What I struggle with is the fact that our young daughters were there. And I struggle with them actually returning (to the church.) And I’ve been thinking about how do we find a way to purchase a new church to leave that site. Of all of this, that’s probably the toughest thing,” Gandy explained.”Our little daughter, she actually saw him shoot himself, so its tough. He was my friend. We didnt talk every day, we probably didnt talk every week. We didn’t hang out other than when I go to the shop for him to fix my car but you know, we were friends,” he said.

“He was my comedian. He was funny…He just kept me laughing. He kept my sons laughing.”Kula Gandy described prophetess Woodard as a “very sweet young lady.””She was just doing her thing.

She was about Jesus. She loves Jesus. She loves His word. Shes just a vessel thats just willing to be used by God,” said Kula. And that’s why she wasn’t surprised by how the prophetess fought with her faith to stay alive after she was shot.

“She was calling on Jesus. Myself and another sister, we went and were praying for her after he (her husband) had left. He was on a high-speed chase with the police. So as soon as his car left, we went there and she was on the ground and she was crying and she was calling on Jesus, and we got down there and we started praying over her and for her,” Kula said.

She said she visited her in the hospital on Saturday and doctors said she’s “looking to do good” in terms of her recovery.

Earlier this month, prophetess Woodard and her late husband celebrated the fourth anniversary of their church under the theme “A Church Yet Holding On” featuring 1 Corinthians 15:58, which says ‘Therefore, my beloved bretheren, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for as much as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”

True Cornerstone Church is asking anyone interested in helping with their recovery to donate via Cash App $TCCgive.

Sorry I’ve Been Kinda MIA- But Hidden Agenda Isn’t Going Anywhere-Thanks to My Rock Hard Supporters.

Hidden Agenda Blog wants to publicly apologize for not posting as much as we would like lately. I’ve been dealing with a death in the family. Life. And then Kobe’s sudden death and the seven others on the plane is just too much to bare. Then Vanessa, his wife has really been on mind heavy. Knowing I too have a thirteen year old daughter. I’ve literally just been breaking down crying. My heart aches for her and the loss of her husband. Those other families, too who died in the crash just break my heart. And they have my deepest sympathy.

Then you know you gotta clown in the bunch somewhere.

Allan Shaffir AKA Donkey of The Week. Where is Charlamayne? I hope he has this clown on his (ish) list. Shaffir decides on the day of Kobe’s death, he tweets a selfie video saying, ” Kobe Bryant died 23 years ago late today. He got away with rape because all the Hollywood liberals who attack comedy enjoy rooting for the Lakers more than they dislike rape. Big ups to the hero who forgot to gas up his chopper. I hate the Lakers. What a great day!”

This imbecile claims it was a joke and he didn’t mean it. Go play in traffic with that BS.

Because he posted yet another video that he later deleted with his coward ass, “Kobe’s death was a ‘good story’ because the ” the guy got away with rape”. Like I stated previously, the bamma deleted the post but the damage had already been done. He was due to perform at a comedy club in New York, they dropped him and refused to never in the future do business with him because the club received threats about his punk statement. The public wasn’t going for it. And I’m glad.

But anyhoo the main point I want to get across is that I appreciate you all hanging in there with me. Please tell me other content you want to see hiddenagenda talk about. I’m listening. Keep me in your prayers as I am always praying for you. Muuaahhhh xoxoxo

TI’s Best Friend, ‘Cap’ Passes Away While In Prison

Atlanta rapper, TI is mourning the loss of one of his closest friends, Terrence Beasley, better known as Cap.

According to a press release from the Georgia Department of Corrections, Beasley was killed at Smith State Prison in Glenville, Georgia [after an altercation with an inmate] on Thursday, Dec. 5.at 9:10 a.m. local time. Beasley’s death is being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Georgia Department of Corrections.

Rapper Young Dro is also a longtime friend of Cap. “While blessing me the devil testing me,” Dro posted on Instagram along with his photographs from their visit to SiriusXM on the same day he received the horrifying news of Cap’s death.

‘I’m trying to keep it together in these pics at the same time I got some bad news while all this going on they killed my brudda CAP in prison today ya’ll pray for my team this is a big loss for me I had to mask my feelings and it was killing me inside ya’ll pray for me!”

Described as one of the most thorough big homies in Atlanta, Cap also had strong ties with Killer Mike, Jermaine Dupri and some other Atlanta artists. Cap was charged with felony murder and possession of a firearm for a crime in 1998. He was sentenced to life in prison in 2000, but he was released in 2006 on parole, after new facts pointed out that the use of the weapon was possibly for self defense.

According to Heavy, he was linked to another crime in September 2010, being named in an aggravated assaut case, for allegedly trying to retrieve a stolen necklace for Killer Mike, thereby assisting him during a fight. He allegedly beat up an employee, knocking out his teeth, Norris Gresham, of Echo Studios in Atlanta Killer Mike’s for the necklace that belonged to his friend, Killer Mike.

He later peed on Drake at a Movie Screening, according to ‘Reliable Sources’.

In the last lines of Meek Mill’s 2015 Drake-diss “Wanna Know,” Mill wrote, “You let Tip homie piss on you in a movie theater n***, we ain’t forget.”TMZ reported in 2010 that Drake had been attending a screening of the movie, “Takers”, when Beasley, who appears in the movie when he was urinated on.

Harrison Barnes And Malik Jackson Will Pay Funeral Costs Of Atatiana Jefferson

A baseball and basketball pro athlete are both merging their efforts together to cover the entire cost of the funeral for the woman who was gunned down in her home last week in Texas.

The funeral is scheduled in Dallas for Saturday October 19.

Jefferson’s story really hits home for Barnes because he considered himself to be an integral part of the community after playing with the Mavericks for three seasons.

” It was a tragic situation that happened. No one should be killed during a wellness check”, Barnes said, adding that he hopes his contribution will help alleviate some of the stress Jeffersons tragic death has brought on her family.

Lee Merritt, the family attorney had some updates on Jefferson’s nephew who was there to witness his aunt being fatally shit and killed. ” His mom tells me that she can see little changes in his character. Now when entering a room, he’ll kind of wait and watch the adults go in first. He’ll wait to see if the coast is clear and then he’ll enter”.

Initially, Jefferson’s nephew, Zion was taken by Texas Child Protective Services after his aunt was killed. He hd been living with Jefferson temporarily while his mom recovered from open heart surgery.

Toni Morrison Dies at Age 88

It has been confirmed by close family and friends that the famous novelist and author has passed away at Montefiore Medical Center Monday night in New York.

She was the first black woman to receive the Nobel literature prize in 1993. Her novel Beloved, where a mom, Margaret makes the horrific choice to murder her baby to keep it from the misery of slavery, won a Pulitzer prize for fiction in 1988. Oprah Winfrey played Margaret in the film.

Born as Chloe Anthony Wofford on Feb 8, 1931 in Lorain, Ohio, Toni used her love of writing to express the black, female experience. She made the name change because she said people seemed to have a hard time pronouncing Chloe.

Uh Huh Yes GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

In 1970, she published her first book, ‘The Bluest Eye” in 1970, about a black girl who desired to be white with blue eyes. I remember hearing so many great things about this book coming up as a little girl. It was such a major buzz going around about this book back in the early 80’s. At this time, Toni had begun to unveil an ugly truth that a lot of people could relate to, however weren’t too comfortable digesting. She bridged the gap with her raw, untainted literature.

Over this past weekend, a film documenting the life and works of Toni Morrison was featured on August 2 as part of the Came Fire Film Series At the Acadiana Center for the Arts.

The screening of ” Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am”, set for August 12 at 7:30 p.m. , is a fundraiser for Festival of Words Cultural Arts Collective, a nonprofit based out of Grand Coteau. This is a great opportunity to support the literary community while taking our children to see this film to learn about our wonderful and rich history. They need to see the treasures that have been laid up for them.

After all, Toni Morrison truly was a gem and can never replaced.

Rest peacefully Mother Morrison.