Billboard Crowned Jay-Z Greatest Rapper of All Time


The iconic multi award winning Jay-Z is now the sixth artist in history to earn 100 solo appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He joins Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne, Elvis Presley and the cast of Glee with the rare record.

The New York native scored his first number one hit in 2009 entitled ” Empire State of Mind.” You remember that one. But Jay’s winning streak had just begun. He’s had the most number one albums by a solo artist on the Billboard 200 chart.

Blueface Baby and Chrisean Rock Have Split For Good


Fans are saying that Blueface is trying to ruin the likes of the Baltimore Beast (Chrisean) by trying to hurt her while she’s pregnant. There have been a fiasco of events that have led to this demise. For starters, ever since Rock took a selfie with Rick Ross and simultaneously some DM’s between Lil Baby and Chrisean were discovered by Blueface, he has been butt hurt apparently. Not to mention when she found out she was pregnant, he publicly humiliated Chrisean by denying paternity via immature and hurtful tweets he would post.

Blueface Baby and Chrisean Rock

Rock and Blueface joined Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson for a podcast episode with the boxing legend earlier this week, where the former opened up about their turbulent relationship and her alleged pregnancy.

“I liked him always,” she told Iron Mike. “I was like, ‘Oh, he my type of n-gga. He cute.’ But he was doing what he was doing and I was doing what I was doing and we was just getting money and it turned into something else. Now I got a baby.”

Chrisean Admits They’ve Blocked Each Other

Since the turn of events, the couple have allegedly blocked each other. Did you see this coming or what?

Blueface makes it clear he doesn’t want kids with Rock. Or not. Because just a few weeks ago they were in a live together with her belly hanging out rocking the baby bump. They were both in good spirits, kicked back eating chicken wings. Now today the Thotiana rapper is telling a different story.

Trans Community Blasting Aretha Franklin’s Hit ‘Natural Woman’


Guess You Can’t Please Everyone

Even when you are dead. The Trans community is now picking apart an age old motown hit by none other than THE Aretha Franklin. They feel the song has no merit because in their opinion there is no such thing as a ‘natural woman’.

Yea ummmm, no. Farfetched and nonsensical at best. The LGBT community seems to always have a gripe that has no merit. The song has been around for a lifetime or two, and why would they think the song would be removed because of how they “feel”? When in actuality, there are natural women. Otherwise, how do babies come into the world? It’s a never-ending circle with some of these theories that people try to question. Everyone has an opinion. This is what makes the gay agenda become a reality. The envelope is always being pushed, inch by inch.

The Privilege is Getting Out of Hand

Yung Miami Shares Her Love of Golden Showers on Newest Podcast Episode


On Yung Miami’s newest podcast episode with Miami rapper Trina, Caresha whose stage name is Yung Miami shared some “interesting” information. She revealed that she enjoys being urinated on. Both of the female rappers have a special bond since they’re obviously from the same city of Miami. On “Caresha Please”which is Yung Miami’s newest venture in the former of a celebrity podcast, Caresha Scott says that “golden showers” just ‘do something to her.’

Of Course The Internet Went Ham

The netizens won’t be letting up off this one for a while I’m sure. They are dragging the City Girls rapper for loving to be peed on and even renaming her boyfriend P. Diddy as Pee Diddy.

It’s pretty much ineffable information. What does one say to that? Hey after all she is a ‘City Girl’. And City Girls are both outspoken women who speak their mind and aren’t afraid to say….pretty much anything. Nonetheless it doesn’t vhange the fact that we still got love for Caresha Scott. Pee and all…