“Music Isn’t Just Something I Want To Do- I Need It”. Meet Jenara Bishhhh!

On November 11, Voyage ATL interviewed an elite in Atlanta. Her name is Jenara Lyle’s, known as ‘Jenara’. Her voice is piercing and melodic as she captures her audiences. People have mezmorized her voice, and her clothing line Reckless + Artistic. Her clothing line customizes leather jackets with personal and intimate sayings, quotes and designs. […]

Black Owned Coffee Shop in Washington, DC

It’s Saturday, as I’m strolling on Florida Ave., just picking up some household items. My guy and I both turned our heads quickly when we saw someone’s order of coffee in the window of a small shop. The shop has a modern look to it, your words echo just a bit, very laid back atmosphere; […]

Issa Rae Productions On YouTube Is Preparing For New Transgender Web Series

We all know our girl Issa Rae is always moving n grooving. Her latest venture is a new web series, where she’s teamed up with executive producer, writer and director Dui Jarrod. They’ve created a youtube series being released about a transgender woman living in New Orleans as she migrates through her New Orleans. The […]