Relationship Guru Derrick Jaxn Files for Divorce


After all the hoopla last year when Derrick Jaxn was caught cheating, he still ended up calling it quits. Derrck Jaxn started off as a Facebook motivator mainly catering to women. His commentary was known for a ‘keeping it all the way real’ approach to dating and holding men accountable. Meanwhile, he was married to his high school sweetheart whom he mostly kept out of the limelight. So honestly, it could have easily been assumed that he was single.

Derrick and Da’Naia Jackson/Instagram

Moreover, about a year and a half into his successful online career, Derrick Jaxn was exposed by a woman who says she had been dating the influencer and took it a step further claiming at least one pregnancy where she had an abortion. She accused Jaxn of even doing some of his motivational videos in front of her home while they were dating. Insinuating that a lot of times he wasn’t even home with his wife, he was at her house….”working.” On top of that, another woman named Candice De Medeiros claimed to YouTuber Tasha K that he planned a Miami getaway with her in July 2020.

Derrick and His Wife Reconciled Their Marriage

Needless, after all the scandal was exposed, Derrick Jaxn took his wife by the hand and had her sitting next to him as he made a statement about his indiscretions. She forgave her husband apparently and they moved on… we thought. About a year later, a new woman pops up and is seen cozied up to him apparently on a Miami excursion.

A second mistress claimed she also had an affair with Derrick

Tasha K broke the exclusive details about the new girl in Derrick Jaxn’s life. The rumors began simultaneously as he made the divorce announcement.

On the contrary though, people are finding humor in the demise of the marriage. Mainly because amid the first cluster of cheating allegations, Derrick Jaxn’s wife had a whole mouthful for folks who spoke on their marriage. In the name of the Lordt, she literally wished death on people. And now folks are saying karma is spinning the block. Whew chile….

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Ice Cube Prepared To Discuss “Contract With Black America” With President Biden


O’Shea Jackson Sr. better known as Ice Cube birthed a 22 page document entitled ‘Contract With Black America’ back in August during the height of a racist civil war. This is not the first time the Straight Outta Compton hit-maker has sat down with a President to discuss his agenda. He sat down with the Trump administration as well.

Unfortunately, he’s received a lot of backlash from the Black community for wanting to meet with Trump. As we all know Trump has no secrets about his bias to race and culture and pretty much anyone who is not in his social class. POC have not taken well to that. Felling betrayed by Cube for even attempting to ‘break bread with the enemy’, he’s received deaths threats and more.

But what people failed to realize was that Cube had a zoom call with both the Biden campaign as well as the Trump campaign, according to Rolling Stone. After the meeting, Congress agreed to 85% of Cube’s ‘Contract with Black America’ initiative. The plan moving forward was for Cube to sit down with the winning president to continue the move.

The Compton born rapper feels that neither political parties care enough about Black people, or to invest the needed funding into minority communities.

On Wednesday, in an interview with Ryan Cameron’s Uncensored radio show on Magic ATL, actor, director and hip hop grammy award winning artist Ice Cube announced that he plans to sit with the Biden administration as planned. He told the radio show that the Biden administration reached out to him on Tuesday to continue the discussion with the winning party as planned.