Fans seriously think Bey is preggers with baby #4

Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z were awarded with the Vanguard Award GLAAD Media awards Thursday night. They were being recognized for their support of the LGBT community. They often mention their family and friends who are gay. Beyonce spoke about her gay uncle, Uncle Johnny, saying “The most fabulous gay man I have ever met. HeContinue reading “Fans seriously think Bey is preggers with baby #4”

Wendy Williams Hospitalized

This developing story is horrifying as Wendy Williams lives out a marital nightmare in front of the world. As she struggles to maintain her sobriety, she was hospitalized due to the shock of all the recent drama. Fortunately, she still managed to make an appearance on her show despite her reportedly poor condition. An insideContinue reading “Wendy Williams Hospitalized”

Kandi and Todd make a visit to Clarke Atlanta Univ.

Todd was invited to Clarke Atlanta University in March to speak to the students about television production . But Kandi chimed in with hubby to speak with the students about entrepreneurship as well. She couldn’t help herself. See her Instagram below. One commenter said, “Thought this was Ryley at first glancešŸ˜©, thought y’all was twins”.Continue reading “Kandi and Todd make a visit to Clarke Atlanta Univ.”

Taraji P Henson Speaks out After Jussie Smollett’s Exoneration

Taraji spoke to USA Today to answer questions about her TV son’s latest legal fiasco. She has given her accolades and honor to Jussie since learning that the charges were dropped against him for allegedly filing a false hate crime. “I’m happy that the truth has finally been set free because I knew it allContinue reading “Taraji P Henson Speaks out After Jussie Smollett’s Exoneration”