Black News Channel Coming Soon

With all the disheartening news going on in the world, it serves us well to hear something positive. Set to launch Feb 10 at 6 a.m., the history making begins. The Black News Channel is the ‘baby’of Oklahoma’s former U.S. Rep J. C. Watts, who is currently chairman of the J.C. Watts Companies a multi-industryContinue reading “Black News Channel Coming Soon”

Kobe Bryant and His Daughter Dies In Helicopter Crash- Seems Unreal

41 year Kobe Bryant has been confirmed as dead as a passenger in a California helicopter crash Sunday morning. There were at least four other people involved in the crash in his private helicopter ride over Calabases when a fire broke out. Emergency personnel responded but no one made it out alive, unfortunately. Five peopleContinue reading “Kobe Bryant and His Daughter Dies In Helicopter Crash- Seems Unreal”

R Kelly Rushed To Emergency Room

R Kelly can’t seem to catch a break lately. He seems to be having a really tough time sticking out his jail time awaiting his next trial at the Metropolitan Correctional facility in Chicago. He was rushed to North Shore hospital yesterday to undergo an emergency surgery on his hernia, forcing him to miss yetContinue reading “R Kelly Rushed To Emergency Room”

Black Owned Board Game Influenced From Nostalgic TV Show ‘A Different World’

The family fun board game included quotes from the show. The players guess which season and episode the quote came from. It’s nothing like some Sunday dinner family fun. Playing board games is a relaxing, fun activity that is almost enjoyed by family and friends. Giving you balls of laughs and hysterical Nostalgic memories. SeemsContinue reading “Black Owned Board Game Influenced From Nostalgic TV Show ‘A Different World’”