Idris Elbas Wife Contracts The Coronavirus Virus- “I Have No Regrets”

When ‘ stand by your man’ gets real!Ā  Supportive wives don’t come a dime a dozen. It’s not easy putting your own health at risk for the sake of being a good and supportive ‘wife’. But when you truly love your partner you let nothing stand in your way. And that’s what Sabrina Dhowre( the wife of Idris Elba)Ā  is feeling right now.

” I’ve been tested-actually I found out this morning Oprah, that I tested positive”, Sabrina told Oprah on her Apple TV+ show “Oprah Talks” while being quarantined in her home in New Mexico.

Dhowre, 31, claims she was ” not surprised”- and never questioned staying alongside her husband after he tested positive.

She continues, ” I wanted to be with him. That’s the instinct of a wife. You want to go and take care. I could have made a decision to maybe put myself in a separate room or stay away and I’m sure that people are making those tough decisions. But I made the decision to want to be with him…and still touch him”, she lightly laughed as she nudged her husband on the shoulder.

In addition to quality time with her husband, Dhowre added that Idris has been serenading her with his guitar playing. “You know what? He’s not bad. I don’t mind him playing it. It’s kind of romantic, ” Dhowre said.

Oprah replied, “Isnt it interesting how a pandemic has the possibility of bringing us together in ways that even a week ago,, none of us would have been able to predict or expect?”

What are you doing differently since the pandemic? Do you find that you are spending more quality time doing things you enjoy? Hidden Agenda wants to know. Stay healthy guys.

Black Mother Reveals She Spent $3,300 On Clothes and Makeup Just To Deliver Her Baby

Emma Ford, 34, revealed she got all dolled up right before her Cesarean section delivery. And she spared no coin doing it, spending $3,300 on clothes and makeup to get all glammed up. Why, you ask? Just because. She claimed she simply wanted to feel sexy at the Alabama hospital where she delivered.

She wore false lashes, a ‘little black dress’ and four inch heels for the c-section. She carried her baby supplies in a MK bag. Emma said, “I love getting glammed up. I never go anywhere without makeup on and it was important to me-this time around- that I look and feel my best when having a baby. It’s such a special moment and I wanted it to be perfect.”

The Instagram influencer had her first born, Samuel, in November 2016- but after suffering some health issues due to the pregnancy, things took a turn for the worse. She would soon find out that pain was due to an ovarian torsion- a condition that occurs when one of the ovaries twists around the ligaments that keep it in place. She had to get it removed.


“After my last pregnancy and birth was so horrific, I just wanted to enjoy this one. I wanted to make it more fun and to feel great.Ā 

A week after slaying and strutting in in her four inch heels while toting her seed, she posted the incredible moment she met her baby for the first time (pictured) on Instagram.

emma ford fam

Emma delivered her first born son Samuel (right), three years old, in November 2016. The family took a photo together enjoying this lavish spread to celebrate the arrival of their new addition.

Coronavirus patient refuses to quarantine, so deputies are surrounding his home with force

Ish is getting real cray! According to CNN, a 53 year old male patient checked himself out of the hospital against medical advice after testing positive for the coronavirus. Leaving officials with not much of a choice, they’ve decided to surround his home to forcefully keep him inside.Kentucky governor Andy Beshear said in a conference, “It’s a step I hoped that I’d never have to take but I can’t allow one person who we know has this virus to refuse to protect their neighbors.”

Idris Elba Has Tested Positive for Coronavirus “Don’t Freak Out”

Idris Elba confirmed on Twitter today that without showing any signs or symptoms he has tested positive for Coronavirus.

Currently he says he feels okay and his wife is feeling okay as well. She hasnt yet been tested. But he urges everyone to take the quarantine seriously but don’t freak out.

CJ Wallace Launched “The Frank White” Strain in Honor Of His Dad, Biggie via His Cannabis Company

Whenever you think of Biggie and Faith’s son, you think about that round faced, brown skinned five month old cute little boy from back in 1997. The 22 year old is a young entrepreneur making segways into the cannabis industry. Along with his co-founders Willie Mack and Todd Russaw (Evan’s ex-husband who helped raise Wallace), Wallace has launched Think BIG, a company that is encouraging a social movement to spread awareness and use of cannabis as a tool for “creativity”, contemplation and healing, Wallace told Esquire.

Wallace says seeing the positive effect cannabis has had on his younger brother with autism, inspired him to get into the industry, to assist in promoting the wellness aspect of CBD usage.

C.J. launched his enterprise just days before his father’s death anniversary this past spring and it now features vapes, pre-rolls, and Biggie-related apparel.

“I got to talk to my uncle…I think he was actually the first person my dad smoked weed with, and I found out that we actually smoked weed around the same age. I was 16,” said Wallace. “His first experience was way cooler than mine, in Jamaica. You know, in his homeland. I can only imagine the experience that he had. And he was with family, so he was probably very comfortable.”

The Frank White creative blend, available now.

The Frank White creative blend is the first release product within Think BIG, in collaboration with Lowell Herb Co. Named for Biggie’s iconic “Frank White”alter ego (inspired by the mafia kingpin played by Chritstopher Walken in King of New York), it’s a pre-roll pack made from “signature sun-grown California cannabis, custom blended with Orange Sherbet, Banjo, and Rattlesnake Sour Diesel.” It’s available at LA’s Rose Collective and Sweet Flower for $40 ,and a portion of the proceeds will benefit California’s Prison Arts Project.

Azriel Clary Claims R. Kelly Made Her Eat Feces Out Of A Cup And Videotaped It [WATCH]

The 22 year old ex girlfriend of R. Kelly is ready to tell her shocking truth of the abuse she suffered at the hands of R. Kelly. And she’s spilling the gruesome deets in a documentary entitled, “Precedence”, according to The Source.

” He has a video of me, he made me do this video, actually, of me doing a number two in a cup, and then eating it, out of the cup”, Azriel says in the promo video clip below.

Where They Do That At Real Housewives GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

The documentary will reveal claims made by alleged R. Kelly victims, including interviews with several celebrity entertainers.

R. Kelly is expected to face additional charges in regards to another accuser who recently came forward. The impending charge comes after federal agents seized Kelly’s Chicago storage unit where they recovered 100 electronic devices, including hard drives according Page Six.

Server Given $4000 Tip– Employer Won’t Release The Coins

Can you imagine receiving a well arndd tip or bonus at work and never receiving it? Well thats happened to this Memphis Denny’s employee. Her name is Shikira Edwards. Her supervisor informed her of a $4000 too she received but hasn’t run her the coins.

Why is her job playing??

” I’m just hurt that they would tell me something like this as a business and as being the owner to tell me that this is the only resolution as to look at it like I’m wrong to ask for something I know I deserve,” Edwards said.

According to kiro7, Shakira’s manager had nothing but great things to say about her and they they are simply trying to ensure the amount of money was not given mistakenly. However, fast forward three weeks later….still no coins. Edwards was told by her manager at that point, that it was her job to track down the person who left the tip to ensure it was legit.

“You’re going to tell me that it’s my fault that I didn’t get the information on a customer when they left and tipped me,” Edwards said. “I don’t know who tipped me.”

Edwards said she wouldn’t be surprised if someone at the restaurant attempted to keep the money for themselves.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if, because of what they’re going through already that they need it more than I do,” Edwards said.

According to Edwards, the business is short-staffed and low on supplies and employees don’t want to be there because of other problems.

Back in October 2019, WHBQ reported that the restaurant received a score of 57 on a health inspection.

Since then, though, the inspection scores have gone up. What do you think fam? Is it Shakira’s responsibility to hunt these people down to ensure they left the money for her? And why did Denny’s wait three weeks to tell her that was the policy. Should she have gotten the customers info initially?

What are your thoughts? I dunno fam….tough call.