A Woman Got Dumped After A Lap Dance with Chris Brown


Who knew Chris Brown would be a home wrecker?! A man apparently broke up with his girlfriend after she got a lap dance from C-Breezy during a recent show in the UK.

According to Complex, a Tik Toker named Dash posted a video saying that he bought his girlfriend front-row tickets to the “With You” singer’s Under the Influence Tour. “How I watched my girlfriend up on stage with Brown,” Dash wrote over footage of the “Run It” hitmaker giving the girl a lap dance while singing his song “Take You Down.”

“Under the Influence” Tour

“Just to update everyone regarding the Chris Brown concert, I’m no longer with my girlfriend,” he explained in text overlay added to the video.

In the clip, the woman was star-struck, while running her hands down Chris’ body, and fanning herself with her hand.

Woman receiving lap dance from Chris Brown

“She doesn’t think what she did was wrong” he added.

MD Detectives Host Steering Wheel Lock Giveaway Amid Ubiquitous Car Thefts


According to WBFF Baltimore, in just one month, Howard County police closed a total of eight Hyundai and Kia thefts, part of a nationwide trend, through recent arrests.

Police say 19-year-old Xavier Mitchell, of Laurel, has been charged in seven vehicle thefts/attempts between August and October in Columbia, Laurel, and a neighboring jurisdiction.

Following his lead is a15-year-old male whose been charged in a separate case from March 16 that occurred in Columbia, according to police. Moreover, the targeted vehicle is Hyudai’s and Kia’s. Apparently, those vehicles are easy to hijack.

The Community is Fighting Back Against the Thefts

Residents are encouraged to take steps to make their vehicles less likely to be targeted:

  • Contact Hyundai (toll-free at 800-633-5151) or Kia (toll-free at 800-333-4542) for information on their anti-theft software update.
  • Use a steering wheel lock. Even if the vehicle is started, it cannot be operated if the wheel lock is in place properly.
  • Practice standard vehicle theft safety measures such as parking in a secured access lot or personal garage if possible.
  • Always lock your doors and consider activating tracking software or adding a tracking device such as an AirTag to make it easier to locate if stolen.

Further, police have organized a Maryland Vehicle Theft Prevention Council grant-funded steering wheel lock giveaway for owners of 2016-2021 Hyundais and 2011-2021 Kias that require a traditional key to start. 

Female Officer Arrested and Fired for Sexual Activity with Inmate


A former detention center officer is fired and arrested after being caught on a viral video involving sexual activities with an inmate. Kawana Jenkins took things too far. Undoubtedly, she allowed a male inmate to pleasure her while being recorded on his cell phone AKA contraband. Jenkins is facing a series of 13 charges, including two counts of improper reckless conduct. She also faces two counts of cruelty to inmates, and one count of providing an inmate with an unauthorized item.

Former officer was arrested for sexual acts with an inmate

According to WSB-TV, Jenkins mom was asked about her thoughts on the matter and she responded “I’m her mother, and I have no comment,” she said.

She had been employed with the sheriff’s office since December 2019, authorities said.

“As sheriff of Fulton County, I am committed to transparency and to holding each and every employee accountable to (the) oath they have taken to protect and serve our community,” Fulton County Sheriff Patrick “Pat” Labat said in the release. “The actions of this one individual are certainly not a reflection of the men and women of the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. The vast majority of employees are to be commended for their integrity, commitment to service and the work they do day in and day out.”

The Officer was Involved in Several Sexual Instances

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the other video shows Jenkins sitting on Ward’s lap while licking and kissing his face. According to the arrest warrant, obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the phone containing the illegal footage was one of 11 devices confiscated during a search of several inmate housing units in the early morning hours of Jan. 28. Authorities observed two recorded instances in which Jenkins had been involved in an inappropriate relationship with an inmate. 

One of the recordings, which can be seen above, shows an inmate, believed to be Jamal Ward, sticking his hand out in front of the camera. The clip cuts off before Jenkins allegedly licks and sucks on Ward’s fingers.

Today Marks First Day of Gender Transition Ban in Florida


Today marks the first day of the ban on gender transition in Florida. If you’re under the age of 18, you’ll have to wait to become a different gender. On top of that, Florida lawmakers are cracking down even harder on the ban. The Florida Board of Medicine’s new measure-which took effect Thursday, prohibits the use of puberty blockers, hormone therapies and surgeries to treat gender dysphoria for anyone in Florida under the age of 18.

And if minors had already started the gender transition process, they can continue according to the bill. However they cannot undergo sex reassignment surgeries under the new rule.

Doctors who violate the rule risk disciplinary action from the medical board, which can issue fines and revoke licenses.

Legal Action Coming

Of course not everyone is in agreeance to the new bill. Gainesville nonprofit law firm Southern Legal Counsel plans to file a federal lawsuit challenging the restrictions, Simone Chriss, director of the firm’s Transgender Rights Initiative, previously said.