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Welcome To Hidden Agenda Blog. If you’re here, you’re a Hidden Gem and I appreciate you stopping by. Hidden Agenda started out as a fashion blog initially; and turned into a media content blog. We spill the tea, share world news and more.

Hidden Agenda has been on the scene since 2018, bringing you news, funny stories, even sad ones too. However, this is a platform where we can share in knowledge and self-awareness through our surroundings and culture. Overall, we hope to deliver quality data and valid news. As we continue to grow and expand, we appreciate you for being here and supporting the blog.


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Bringing you some laughter as well when we can and sharing in the midst of this experience, we call life. Meanwhile, keep us updated with stories you’d like to share at agendahide@gmail.com.


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“She doesn’t beg, force or chase. But instead, she prays, work hard and has faith”