“I Would Do It Again” Jeremy Renner Came Close to Death in Snowplow Accident


In Jeremy Renner’s first interview since the bloody incident, he almost came to tears when describing his near death experience earlier this year.

In a trailer for “Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview — A Story of Terror, Survival and Triumph,” airing April 6 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC, the “Avengers” star reflects on the January accident, during which he was run over by his 7-ton snowcat snowplow machine while trying to protect his nephew.

On New Years Day, Jeremy Renner was doing some house chores like most at his Lake Tahoe Nevada home. He’d been trying to tow his nephew’s car with his Snowcat when it sped it away.

With quick thinking the Dahmer actor jumped in front of it to save his nephew and nearly died. And he says during the interview with Diane Sawyer that he’d do it all over again for his nephew. This horrific accident left Renner with 30 broken bones. But he seems to be taking pretty good care of himself. Despite the catastrophe, the “Hawkeye” actor share a video on Sunday of himself walking on a treadmill.

“Now is the time for my body to rest and recover from my will, he captioned a post on March 26 to his Instagram Stories.

Nashville School Shooter, Audrey Hale is Identified as Transgender


According to Reuter’s update, there are now seven deaths counted at the Christian School. Police have released footage of the assailant entering the school and opening fire. The woman has been identified as Audrey Hale.

Audrey Hale is allegedly a former student at The Covenant School

In the footage, Hale, 28, is seen driving a Honda Fit onto school’s campus located on Burton Hills Boulevard shortly before 10 a.m., according to a statement from the Nashville police department on Monday.

About 10 minutes later, the school captures the glass in a set of doors shattering before clambering through one of the door frames. “She” was wearing a vest, camouflaged pants and a red baseball cap turned backward.

Audrey Hale Planned the Attack Some time Ago

Moreover, in a muted 2-minute-long surveillance video, a rifle can be seen slung over one of Hales shoulders. Hale can then be seen entering different rooms and walking past a children’s ministry door with a second rifle raised.

Police Chief John Drake said that in addition to the surveillance video, the department would soon be releasing body camera video from officers who encountered the shooter.

Female,28 Kills At Least 6 at The Covenant School


It’s beyond disheartening when you can’t even send your kids to private school unharmed. No parent should have to endure this kind of pain. The shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville happened around 10:13 am on Monday. The woman entered the elementary school and killed three kids and three adults. The Nashville Metropolitan Police ended up shooting the 28-year-old White woman dead at the scene. It’s unclear what her intentions were, but police believe she is a former student at the school. The small Christian school is operated by a church and does not employ any officers.

Sadly three students, identified by authorities as Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney, who were all 9 years old — and three adults — Cynthia Peak, 61; Katherine Koonce, 60; and Mike Hill, 61— were killed in the massacre. Koonce was Covenant’s head of school. Hill was a custodian.

“The police department response was swift,” police spokesperson Don Aaron told reporters, noting that by 10:27 a.m., “the shooter was deceased.”

Don Aaron/ press release/nbc news

As stated, the shooter is rumored to be a former student of The Covenant School, but a clear motive in the shooting has yet to be established. However, police have said they believe a sense of “resentment” may have played a role.

“There’s some belief that there was some resentment for having to go to that school,” Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief John Drake told Lester Holt of NBC News.

nbc news

Despite Drake not pinpointing what or who the resentment could be targeted to, he says they are investigating some writing material the shooter left behind.

“We have some writings that we’re going over that pertain to this date, the actual incident,” Drake told reporters hours after the shooting. “We have a map drawn out of how this was all going to take place.”

nbc news

Blac Chyna Got Baptised


Take me to the water! Unlike her mom, Blac Chyna is maturing. Apparently she wants to renew her lifestyle and revamp it.

She’s no longer on OnlyFans and she’s been talking about getting rid of her lip fillers and other cosmetic surgeries she’s gotten over the years. While appearing on The Jason Lee Show, the DC native — who brought in a whopping $240 million on the app in 2021, Statista reported; shared that she decided to delete her account, calling it a “dead-end” side hustle. Sometimes with the spring season comes “spring cleaning.” And sometimes not just our houses get cleaned. But our lives. Not to mention this is a time of Lent and renewal.

Don’t Even Call Her Blac Chyna No ‘Mo

Blac Chyna, even ditched her stage name and is now going by her birth name Angela White. On Sunday she shared a pair of videos to Instagram explaining why she decided to remove her giant Baphomet tattoo from her hip. “So y’all know that I got this Baphomet tattoo. It gots to come off,” she said, “I’m not going to have no mark of the beast or anything like that.”

“When I first got the tattoo, that is not what it meant to me,” she added, without elaborating. “I just don’t want anything negative or demonic on my body anymore.”

Sharing that she was “so excited about getting this tattoo removed,” her first video showed her packing up her car with kids Dream and King Cairo. “On my way to Vegas to get this Baphomet tattoo removed,” she captioned the post, “I am releasing all negative energy that is holding me back.”

The second video (below) showed her inside Clear Out Ink Laser Tattoo Removal in Las Vegas. “Thank you God, for saving me. 🙏🏽 Removing this Baphomet tattoo,” she captioned the post, “I’m sending all this energy back to the owner.”

In her lengthy caption, she also pointed out Baphomet’s link to the occult and Satanism, while claiming the deity’s goals are to “create and spread chaos, abuse and torment his victims.”

The video also showed the removal process itself, with White wincing in pain as the laser did its work.

Spring screams new beginnings as plants starts show their stems and the sun seems to shine a little brighter. Nevertheless, I’m so happy for Chyna and wish her nothing but the best.