Trans Community Blasting Aretha Franklin’s Hit ‘Natural Woman’


Guess You Can’t Please Everyone

Even when you are dead. The Trans community is now picking apart an age old motown hit by none other than THE Aretha Franklin. They feel the song has no merit because in their opinion there is no such thing as a ‘natural woman’.


Yea ummmm, no. Farfetched and nonsensical at best. The LGBT community seems to always have a gripe that has no merit. The song has been around for a lifetime or two, and why would they think the song would be removed because of how they “feel”? When in actuality, there are natural women. Otherwise, how do babies come into the world? It’s a never-ending circle with some of these theories that people try to question. Everyone has an opinion. This is what makes the gay agenda become a reality. The envelope is always being pushed, inch by inch.

The Privilege is Getting Out of Hand


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