Chrisean Rock Says She’s Pregnant with Blueface’s Baby But He Says Otherwise


Having a baby amid a toxic relationship does not prove to be salubrious to either parties involved. But mainly regarding the baby. With all the bottle throwing and fighting involved, it raises questions of safety for the environment of the baby. Meanwhile, Blueface claims Chrisean has slept with 10 men in the span of a year. Thus, he would need a DNA to prove he is the father.

He claims that they officially broke up; per his Tweet, which happened to fall on his birthday. But that didn’t stop Chrisean from showing up with a cake that had a caricature of the two of them on the cake that read” Happy Birthday Daddy Bluuuuu.”


Even though Blueface accepts the cake, he stabs the face is seemingly hers on the cake. No need to explain that. Very sadistic. Clearly.

Not 24 Hours Later The Pair Was Bunned Up

And Chrisean made sure the internet knew they had secretly made up.

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