Chrisean Rock Punched A Woman in the Face On Red Carpet


Just a few days after announcing her pregnancy, she sneaks a woman while on the red carpet premiere for Baddies West.

Allegedly the woman is an old stylist of hers

This wouldn’t be the first altercation since the pregnancy announcement though. She got caught up in a brawl the night of Blueface’s birthday with two other females. She tweeted the next day that she was only trying to break up a fight and she was not the one fighting. But still, nevertheless, she was involved in the altercation. Which makes people question the legitimacy of the pregnancy.

Not to mention just last week, right before she found out she was pregnant, she was dragged out of a podcast for ‘cutting up’ while on set. She was thrown out while kicking and screaming. Moreover, she was so out of touch that she broke the podcaster’s camera set up. It was a whole mess. Anytime she’s being interviewed, she always has a huge bottle of alcohol nearby where she’s guzzling down shots out the bottle and chasing it with a soda.


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