Robert Durst Dies In Hospital Lockup


Robert Durst, failed career criminal and wealthy real estate mogul while being the subject of the HBO documentary series “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst died while in medical jail. He was convicted in September of shooting Susan Berman in her Los Angeles him in 2000.

He was convicted of first degree murder, tampering with evidence, and bail jumping. Durst was arrested in New Orleans in 2015, the day before the finale of the HBO docu-series “The Jinx,” which chronicled his erratic, mystifying life.The LAPD’s arrest warrant for Durst listed his net worth at about $100 million.

Nevertheless,the finance mogul is accused of killing his close friend Susan Berman in her Benedict Canyon home in 2000 to prevent her from speaking to authorities about the disappearance of his wife Kathleen, Despite Dursts attorneys claiming his innocence, he allegedly he shot Berman in the back of the head in her Benedict Canyon rental home in December 2000.


Furthermore, in a 2016 letter to The Times, he wrote, “I’m anxious to get to trial to prove I didn’t kill Susan Berman.”

Regardless, he wss sentenced to life without parole in 2021. While in prison he died of natural causes at 6:44 a.m. while housed in a California Health Care Facility.

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