Chrisean Rock Most Likely Bailed Blueface Out of Jail

Blueface Was Arrested in Front of Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles

As previously reported the ‘Holy Moly’ rapper was tackled by undercover police in Vegas while sitting of front a waffle house with his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock. By the next morning Chrisean had posted this. Both she and Jaidyn Alexxus (who is the mother of Blueface’s kids) were going back and forth online. The two women were battling about who was the most loyal to the rapper. Typical hood rat ish. While it’s true that Chrisean was already there with Blueface when the arrest happened, she was also there to physically bail him out as well.


Jaidyn Alexxus was at a performance of some sort for her and Blueface’s son. She also has a newborn daughter by the rapper so she has to be a mom first. Despite the fact that she’s a full time mom, she still found time to argue online and post subliminal messages consisting of screen shots of her baby daddy calling her while he was locked up.


Whole time Blueface is gassing up his ATM, I mean his so called girlfriend, Chrisean with the fiance title. Basically jail talk. But of course, she ate it up.

The Women Threw Virtual Jabs At One Another

Meanwhile, the craziest part is that people love to glorify Chrisean, all while saying “she can do better” and “she doesn’t have to settle.” Like she’s some princess or shiny prize. And Jaidyn is not. If Chrisean do better, so can Jaidyn. There’s no one whose wins in this situation really. But the fact remains that she is a side piece, at least for now. Blueface has a whole family with Jaidyn Alexxus. Not to mention she was there before Chrisean came along. So if its anyone who needs the emotional support, its Jaidyn Alexxus but she doesn’t receive it tho. And that’s messed up.


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