People Came Out in Droves to Lay Shanquella Robinson to Rest

Over the weekend, Shanquella Robinson was laid to rest inside Macedonia Baptist Church in Shanquella’s hometown of Charlotte, NC. Despite her being laid to rest, the world is still wrestling with the details and truth as to what happened the day Shanquella died. Believe it or not, Shanquella’s mom says her trip mates discussed what they would wear to the funeral when they showed up to her house after the trip.

Information from a police report says Shanquella Robinson was alive when medical help first arrived at the vacation home where she was staying with a group of people last month in Cabo, Mexico. Robinson’s friends all claim she died of alcohol poisoning. But, suspicions were heightened after an autopsy determined she suffered trauma to her back and neck. On top of that, a video showing Robinson unclothed and assaulted by another woman also probed further assessment of her death.


The Charlotte Observer obtained excerpts from a police report earlier this week that had not yet been publicly released. The information was provided to the Observer by Gerardo Zuñiga, an investigative reporter who works in Los Cabos for MetropoliMx, and details were first reported by MetropoliMx on Monday.


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