Chris Noth Sex Scandal A Fifth Woman Comes Forward


According to Daily Mail, a 54-year-old musician named Lisa Gentile has come forward with allegations against the ‘Sex n The City’s’ star, Chris Noth.

She claims the incident took place in 2002. However, she was inspired to come forward from the other four women who recently came forward with sexual assault allegations against the sitcom actor. Meanwhile, the NYPD Detective actor admitted to having ‘consensual encounters’ with the women. He claims he cheated while he was in a relationship with his wife Tara Wilson.

Chris Noth has publicly praised his wife Tara Wilson ahead of the debut of her new play – amid rumors that the couple’s marriage was in trouble following his sex assault scandal

Since the allegations arose, he’s been fired from the CBS show The Equalizer. But now that the dust has settled, Noth is back to work. But not on the television screen. He’s producing Broadway plays and it must’ve been an OK production as he received a standing ovation at the end.

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