Beyoncé Cuff It Has Sold Over 1 Million Copies In Just 3 Months


No surprise right? “Cuff it” turned into a viral dance challenge. It’s such a catchy beat and a funtime for the gwoorls….and the boys.


The lyrical anthem comes from the chorus : “We gettin F*ed up toniiiiiiigghhhtttttt”


The song was written and produced by Beyoncé, Nova WavMorten RistorpRaphael Saadiq and The-Dream, with additional writing being handled by Nile Rodgers. The song contains an interpolation of “Ooo La La La“, written by Allen McGrier and its singerer Teena Marie.

I feel like fallin' in love (Fallin’ in love)
I'm in the mood to fuck somethin' up (Tonight, I’m fuckin' somethin' up, baby)
I need some drink in my cup (I need a drink), hey (Pour me a drink)
I'm in the mood to fuck somethin' up (I'm in the mood to fuck somethin' up)

I wanna go missin', I need a prescription
I wanna go higher, can I sit on top of you? (Oh-la-la-la-la-la-la-la)
I wanna go where nobody’s been (I wanna go where nobody’s been)
Have you ever had fun like this? Oh, woah (Have you ever had fun? Yeah)

Beyonce Released the Renaissance Album This Summer

So it didn’t take long for the challenge to arise. Besides, with the song’s girls nite anthem and summertime it was the perfect mix to release this fun track. It’s winning season for the Queen as she and her hubby Jay-Z are both nominated for a Grammy this year.


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