Tiffany Haddish Is Back To Work

After the recent scandal that resulted in Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears being hit with a lawsuit and not claiming not to have work–the Haunted Mansion actress is now back at work. She’s returned to her first love, on stage comedy. reported that Haddish, 42, will perform standup at Irvine Improv in Orange County, California, on November 23 during Tiffany and Friends.


The Girls Trip actress will perform alongside her pals Faizon Love, Caroline Rhea, and Chris Spenser. Tickets start at just $40 for general admission but $90 will get you and three of your friends a premium booth with prime seating.

Yay for Tiffany. It’s good that she can get back to normalcy and return to what she loves doing which is making people laugh.

Thankfully Tiffany Haddish Can Recover Her Lost Gigs

She’d recently told TMZ all her gigs were gone after being accused of producing a child porn skit she did with Aries Spears back in 2014. Moreover, according to the news outlet the stand-up comedian reported that she doesn’t affiliate with Aries anymore. On the other hand, the skit was meant to warn parents and children of the danger of trusting people. Nevertheless, their well intentions weren’t received as such. Thus, the two were hit with a lawsuit that was later dropped by the alleged victims.

If you recall, a family friend’s daughter filed a lawsuit by a Jane Doe, alleging that when she was 14, Tiffany took her to the taping of a “sexually suggestive Subways commercial.” Further, she alleged that Haddish instructed her how to perform inappropriate sexual acts. The woman eventually came out and said she doesn’t believe Haddish would intentionally harm her and dropped the case.

However, right after the lawsuit was dropped, TMZ photographer caught up with Haddish in the airport. And she told them she lost all her jobs as a result. But said she was relieved it was over.

“Oh I lost everything, all my gigs gone. Everything gone,” she said. “I don’t know, bro…I don’t have no jobs,” she says to the photographer.


Haddish recently announced that she now has work lined up. On top of the new gig, the comedienne is building a grocery store for minorities called Diaspora Groceries..

“So what I would like to do is open up my own grocery store because I’ve seen Korean grocery stores, Japanese grocery stores, Spanish grocery stores, [and] Indian grocery stores.”


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