Five Year Old Boy Dies After Being Left Alone in Car


A five-year-old boy died after his mother left him inside a car whilst rushing out the vehicle. She blind sightedly left her son strapped inside the car while she and her daughter went inside their Houston home.

In the rush of getting organized for her daughter’s 9th birthday party, the mom and daughter forgot about the boy, who was left unattended for two to three hours. Unfortunately the boy remained in the back, still strapped to his seat.

According to Gonzalez, investigators learned the son knew how to unbuckle himself and get out, to which the mother may have assumed that he did. Thus, not even thinking that he didn’t. She continued on with her day in efforts to prepare for the party, which was set for Monday.


The Parents of the Five-Year-Old Child Were Going Through a Divorce

According to Daily Mail, the mother was not only rushing to host a birthday party when they arrived home. But mentally she was dealing with a lot. It’s been reported that she and her husband were in the midst of a divorce.

Family with five year old boy who died from heat and trapped in a vehicle in Texas

Moreover, Gonzalez added that investigators believe the Black SUV was a rental. Thus, the unfamiliarity with the door safety lock may have factored into the incident. In summary, it has not been said if the mom will face charges or not.

Cops said the mom had been out running errands for the party with the two kids when they arrived back at the Harris County home, and that the mom and other child left the vehicle and entered the house, leaving the boy behind in triple degree temperatures for three hours

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