Nancy Pelosi Fears Recent Tragedy Will Affect Her Career

Source: Twitter

As previously reported, a horrible attack took place in the Pelosi home last week.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in a new interview said the attack on her husband, Paul Pelosi, will affect the decision she makes of whether to retire from Congress if Democrats lose control of the House in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

“I have to say my decision will be affected about what happened the last week or two,” Pelosi told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in her first sit-down interview since the attack on her husband.


The congresswoman’s comments come less than two weeks after her husband, 82, was injured during a break-in at the couple’s San Francisco home. Authorities allege that David DePape, 42, was able to gain entry into the home through a glass door in the early hours of Oct. 28. The attacker also threatened to hold Nancy hostage and hit Paul over the head with a hammer. Thankfully Nancy was in Washington, D.C., at the time.


Speaker Pelosi issued a statement following her husband’s release from the hospital, saying:

“The Pelosi family is thankful for the beautiful outpouring of love, support and prayers from around the world.

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