Chrisean Rock Posts Explicit Footage of Blueface Baby Having Oral with Her


Chrisean Rock posted an explicit video of her having relations with Blueface…again. I guess she’s really trying to get the point across that…she’s not going anywhere and her love for the rapper will stop at nothing. But actually, I don’t think we care as much as people try to make it seem they do. It’s literally the Chrisean Rock and Blueface Baby show. They can just cut Zeus out the picture at this point.

Over the weekend the Thotiana rapper eaves dropped on Chriseans conversation, recorded a snippet of it and posted it with the caption “Yall shouldn’t feel sorry for her.” And while I want to see everyone happy I have to agree with Blueface.

So after last week’s fiasco that resulted in physical drama, the police getting called and a faux breakup the toxic pair are now sharing sex tweets. Last week Blueface came to his children’s mothers defense after she did a blog interview with Meghan James.


Jaidyn told reality TV star Meghan James that she has no respect for Rock and Blue’s relationship.

“I don’t give a f**k,” Jaidyn said. She added, “when me and him was in a relationship ain’t nobody show me no respect.”

She later called Chrisean’s seven tattoos featuring Blueface’s name and face “childish” and claimed Rock’s “mental stability not there.” In the interview, Jaidyn revealed no fears about having unprotected sex with Blueface, regardless of his other sexual interactions.

Jaidyn also told another interviewer:

“I think that not every situation or relationship is the same or as easy as people make it out to be, but definitely think that something should be done or changes need to be made in any relationship that is experiencing those type of issues.”

She also added, “And I think we all need to start normalizing asking for help when it’s needed.”

Subsequently Chrisean is posting content that would obviously make Jaidyn cringe. I mean, it made us cringe just looking at it. Plus her voice. It’s just too much to take in.

When asked about her relationship with him, she said, “Me and him definitely have talks, I give him my input as much as I can, and I pray hard for him. But I try to stay clear because the whole situation gives off bad energy.”

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