S. Dakota GOP Hopeful Allegedly Raped a Child in His Family

S. Dakota Running Office for GOP Accused Of Grooming and Sexual Assault

According to Fox News, Joel Koskan, who is running for state Senate for the third time, was charged Thursday in Mellette County with exposing the child to “sexual grooming behaviors.” The gruesome news was confirmed after Assistant Attorney General Mandy Miller reviewed an investigation conducted by the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation.

Joel Koskan has pulled out of the race for South Dakota GOP Senator after being accused of placing a camera in a 12 year old’s room

Court documents filed against the 44 yr. old detail years of sexual assault against a child. The victim stated the running Republican for District 26 Senate seat touched her inappropriately daily, gave long hugs. Further, he had her sitting on his lap beginning at a young age. On top of that, he further fed his perspicaciousness by setting up a camera in the victims room, allegedly. The married man had been raping the child for years, according to court documents.

Eventually, this would lead to Koskan having sexual relations with the child. Moreover, the probable cause statement signed by Agent Brandon Neitzert says: “probable cause exists to show” that Koskan committed rape. The statement goes on further to say that he committed sexual contact with a child under the age of 16 and aggravated incest.


Additionally, a criminal complaint signed by Assistant Attorney General Mandy Miller alleges that Koskan exposed a minor to a foreseeable harm from 2014 to 2020. The complaint lists that Koskan ‘exposed a victim to sexual grooming behaviors’ in Mellette County.

Joel Koskan Is Pulling Out The Race

Currently, Koskan’s name can’t be taken off the ballot because early voting has already started. But the voters of District 26 should undoubtedly have a clear view of who the most fit is for the job. Regardless, according to KX News, the South Dakota Democratic Party is calling for Koskan to end his campaign. Subsequently, Chair Randy Seller released the following statement:

“These allegations concerning Joel Koskan are deeply disturbing, and he should immediately end his campaign.”

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