The N Word Is Used 500% More on Twitter Since Elon Musk Took Over


According to a recent study that analyzed Twitter from the moment Elon Musk bought the tech giant at $44 billion, a surge of hate speech has risen astronomically.

Subsequentally, Yahoo reported: ‘The use of the N-word on Twitter also surged by over 500%, according to research by the cyber research organization National Contagion Research Institute.’

Elon Musk sought a discount of as much as 30 percent from his $44 billion deal, people familiar with the discussions said.Credit…Jim Watson/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

These odd and drastic changes come during the wake of Musk laying off several hundred people this past Friday. The layoffs hit in a massive way spilling over into the engineering and machine units; the teams that manage content moderation for the app.


Additionally, a former employee named Aakash Raina, whose job was to report tweets that included abusive content, was one of many people who lost their jobs, according to a tweet he posted.

One of the first daunting signs the layoffs resulted in was employees email accounts being shut down Thursday. Despite their Slack accounts still being active, they were only told that those getting fired would receive an email by 9 am on Friday morning.

Believe it or Not Musk Received Help With Buying Twitter

If you thought the billionaire investor used all of his own money to purchase the blue app, then think again. In fact, Diddy was one of the ones who pitched in with a whopping $10 million as an investment for the blue bird app, according to Radar.Thus, Musk need not be lazy in managing the media’s content. Like seriously.

According to sources, Diddy invested in Musk’s purchase because he “believes” in Musk’s vision for Twitter, in addition to wanting “a seat at the table.”

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